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Brazil - Additional Financing for Ceara Integrated Water Resource Management Project (PROGERIRH) : resettlement instrument report (Vol. 8) : Avaliacao e arcabouco para o reassentamento : parte C (Portuguese)

The main goal of the Ceara Integrated Water Resource Management Project (PROGERIRH) is to meet the demand for the drinking water supply system and secondly, to promote development of irrigation and fisheries and the protection of aquatic communities and settlement. The development of irrigation is to be coupled with an integrated plan for the use of the reservoir. It will increase a sustainable water supply for multiple uses, and improve the efficiency of the State of Ceara's integrated water resources management system, thus decreasing the vulnerability of poor populations to cyclical drought. It will further promote soil and vegetation management in tributary watersheds, to enhance water conservation, in turn, minimizing erosion. Construction of new water supply reservoirs and canals on relatively small rivers in the semi-arid tropical environmental Ceara may result in a variety of social impacts, including spread of some vector-borne diseases and involuntary resettlement. There may also be significant impacts associated with induced regional development (such as expansion of irrigated agriculture), which is likely to result from the availability of new water supplies. The cost of drought impacts are not only measured in financial costs, but have also resulted in vast emigration of poor rural populations from the rural areas into the metropolitan areas of the country with resultant adverse impacts in the form of health problems, family disruption, crime, and vulnerability of these populations to drug abuse, prostitution and social disarray. In addition, it has been demonstrated that, as a result of each cyclical drought, a new generation of educationally impaired young people have been created, due to social disruption, inadequate nutrition and inadequate educational opportunities. The cost of this impact alone, while impossible to evaluate in financial terms, represents a tremendously severe reduction of the country's ability to achieve a sustainable economy and social system. Because rural populations in water-short Ceara are understandably concentrated near rivers and streams, it is difficult to build storage reservoirs of significant size without some resettlement. It is estimated that about 123 rural families would be resettled in all four Year 1 subprojects. The number of people to be resettled in subsequent subprojects will not be known until the subprojects are selected.


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    Avaliacao e arcabouco para o reassentamento : parte C

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Brazil - Additional Financing for Ceara Integrated Water Resource Management Project (PROGERIRH) : resettlement instrument report (Vol. 8) : Avaliacao e arcabouco para o reassentamento : parte C (Portuguese). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.