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La Problématique de la Santé et de la Pauvreté au Mali (Vol. 2) : Implications politiques (French)

The objectives of the analysis of the problem of health and poverty in 2009 in Mali are (i) provide to the Government of Mali, the World Bank and other technical and financial partners of the health sector up to date information on key issues needed to better define the nature and scope of support to the sector, (ii) contribute to and support the Plan of Health and Social Development(PDDSS)- Program of health and social development(PRODESS II) extended from 2009 to 2011, particularly issues relating to the strengthening of the health system (iii) capacity building in the Ministry of Health regarding the analysis of health policy, improving skills in the assessment, design and monitoring of policies. After the introduction the rest of the report is organized into seven chapters. Chapter 2 analyzes the evolution of health indicators in recent years. Chapter 2 concludes with a summary of the major causes of morbidity and mortality in the country. Chapter 3 is devoted to the analysis of trends in the coverage of essential health interventions. The remaining chapters of the report are devoted to changes in health systems and challenges associated with them. Chapter 4 analyzes the changes in the governance of the health system. Chapter 5 analyzes the availability and accessibility of health services with an emphasis on geographic accessibility. Chapter 6 discusses the situation of human resources, the distribution of human resources and human resources needs. The chapter analyzes the characteristics of the labor market and human resource management in the health sector. Chapter 7 discusses the situation in the pharmaceutical industry. Drug policy, drug regulation and system of supply and distribution of drugs are reviewed. Conditions of specific vaccines and blood products are analyzed. Finally, Chapter 8 covers the health financing. Volume 2 treats policy implications.


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    Implications politiques

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La Problématique de la Santé et de la Pauvreté au Mali (Vol. 2) : Implications politiques (French). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.