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Infection Control and Waste Management Plan Lesotho COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness and Response Project (P173939) (English)


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    Environmental and Social Management Plan

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    Infection Control and Waste Management Plan Lesotho COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness and Response Project (P173939)

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    medical waste; personal information protection; water and sewerage company; Infection Prevention and Control; incident management system; supply chain and logistics; science and technology policy; Occupational health and safety; healthcare waste management; emergency preparedness; solid waste treatment; health care facilities; polymerase chain reaction; personal protective equipment; health facility; private sector involvement; water treatment method; port of entry; Social Impact Assessment; vaccine preventable disease; health care facility; risk of transmission; waste management facilities; national environmental policy; Client Feedback Survey; department of environment; adequate safe water; persistent organic pollutant; availability of vaccine; village health worker; climate co-benefits; quality assurance system; conservation of nature; adverse social impact; medical waste management; other development; personal hygiene promotion; water and sewage; procurement and distribution; intensive care units; procurement of equipment; human resource development; use of disinfectants; wastewater treatment plant; Human Immunodeficiency Virus; health of workers; national health management; food waste; social distance; synthetic resin; medical supply; public awareness; treatment system; public health; institutional framework; Disease Surveillance; isolation rooms; hazardous waste management; in hospital; climate shock; global pandemic; risk communication; sample collection; target health; baseline data; disease outbreak; incineration facility; Transportation; gender tag; power system; readiness assessment; citizen engagement; cold chain; the administration; immunization system; mitigation measure; vaccine use; mitigation activity; residential waste; disposal facility; transportation company; cargo container; medical support; cases recorded; risk assessment; hot spot; chemical agents; program coordination; operational reviews; operational plan; logistical support; general population; pandemic response; vaccination program; Waste Material; involuntary resettlement; clean environment; patient care; floor space; adequate ventilation; organic tissue; water safety; source water; treated water; Social Conflict; free chlorine; precautionary measure; hand sanitizer; vacuum cleaner; meeting room; waste generation; water cycle; washing machine; commercial waste; waste container; protective suit; treatment capacity; vaccine distribution; climate disaster; contingency plan; vaccination campaign; remote area; cold-chain equipment; different vaccine; corrective measure; focus group; community level; government response; clinical care; Health Workers; community engagement; case management; civil works; test kit; surveillance capacity; data reporting; immunization activity; eligibility criterion; high probability; general observation; assessment process; rapid assessment; virus disease; biological diversity; labour code; national tuberculosis; respiratory hygiene; measurable indicators; ICT Policies; ICT Policy; monitoring plan; decision tree; baseline information; landfill site; Natural Resources; liquid waste; comparative analysis; hand hygiene; private company; hygiene procedures; national implementation; need assessment; legal framework; best practice; environment act; natural heritage; strategic objective; financial resource; community health; effective prevention; dead body; african convention; case definitions; Programmatic Approach; certification system; environmental health; national healthcare; Vaccines



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Infection Control and Waste Management Plan Lesotho COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness and Response Project (P173939) (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.