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Hazardous/non-Hazardous Waste Management Plan Yemen COVID-19 Response Project (P173862) (English)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Environmental and Social Management Plan

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    Yemen, Yemen Republic of

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    Middle East and North Africa,

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    Hazardous/non-Hazardous Waste Management Plan Yemen COVID-19 Response Project (P173862)

  • Keywords

    medical waste; medical waste management plan; Essential Medicines and Medical Supplies; Occupational health and safety; Maternal and Newborn Health; Infection Prevention and Control; Health and Population; worker health and safety; final disposal of waste; health and nutrition programs; Health Care Waste; capacity in place; safe waste disposal; washing of hands; method of disposal; personal protective equipment; antiseptic hand rub; quantity of waste; treatment of waste; infectious waste; blood-borne pathogens; load of waste; sanitation and hygiene; spread of infection; hepatitis b virus; burial of waste; health care facility; waste disposal system; point of production; available water supply; health care products; wastewater treatment facility; case of absence; use of soap; provision of equipment; capacity building program; management of hospital; early warning system; oil water separators; point of entry; wastewater treatment system; public health worker; significant adverse impact; health facility management; waste management activities; hazardous waste facility; spread of disease; soak away pit; adequate protective clothing; disposal of liquids; local nongovernmental organization; disposal of residues; vaccine preventable disease; final disposal site; place of origin; stakeholder engagement; volatile organic compound; safe potable water; waste disposal practices; waste management service; health care facilities; open burn; best practice; biomedical waste; mitigation measure; emergency response; monitoring plan; healthcare worker; case management; hazardous chemical; running water; needle stick; aerosol can; healthcare waste; safety boxes; infectious materials; toxic gas; waste treatment; personal protection; bulk liquid; negative effect; treatment facilities; limited resources; soak pit; open dump; plastic bottles; disposable syringes; vaccination campaign; waste container; local capacity; water source; polyvinyl chloride; sanitary landfill; low temperature; sewage system; hospital waste; medical attention; temperature range; radioactive waste; combustion chamber; secure location; Health Service; appropriate procedure; emergency preparedness; storage area; community level; hazardous substance; contaminated area; gas container; body fluid; Health Workers; awareness raising; nutrition service; management committee; adequate ventilation; waste storage; black bags; wait area; residual waste; pickup point; disposal cost; restricted access; chlorine solution; personnel training; heavy metal; secondary treatment; treating wastewater; wastewater stream; suspended solid; biological treatment; aerobic treatment; treatment technologies; transport vehicle; communal area; biological waste; central storage; disposal method; human body; hand hygiene; safety measure; warm climate; national regulation; dangerous good; temperate climate; continuous basis; patient treatment; refrigerated storage; food supply; domestic waste; eye protection; food waste; nosocomial infection; required measure; health-care personnel; response procedure; emergency service; waste handling; maintenance workers; health-care provider; prophylactic treatment; assessment tool; exposure risk; disposal procedures; clean water; medical workers; medical equipment; accidental release; occupational exposure; hand sanitizer; landfill site; tracking system; proof container; safe disposal; monitoring tool; health issue; public hospital; capacities in support; core functions; national capacity; healthcare services; essential services; government health; cold chain; operational capacity; ongoing conflicts; local public; grant recipient; remedial measure; absorbent material; Medical care; accidental spillage; accident response; remedial action; responsible person; groundwater source; safety considerations; waste generation; wooden panels; cadmium content; chemical waste; groundwater contamination; metal container; organic material; water table; source reduction; drying beds



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Borrowing Agency

Hazardous/non-Hazardous Waste Management Plan Yemen COVID-19 Response Project (P173862) (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.