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Restructuring Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Regional Infrastructure Development Fund - P154947 (English)


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    Lee,Marcus John Jin Sarn

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    Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet

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    East Asia and Pacific,

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    Restructuring Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Regional Infrastructure Development Fund - P154947

  • Keywords

    regional infrastructure development; monitoring and evaluation system; Environmental and Social Safeguard; Environmental and Social Impact; Independent Panel of Experts; water supply and sanitation; road and bridges; construction and operation; access to infrastructure; grievance redress mechanism; Integrated Pest Management; hazardous waste management; access to forest; water supply system; state owned enterprise; state-owned enterprise; bank capacity building; capacity building plan; capacity building training; Full Environmental Assessment; social risk management; local governments assessment; resources and budget; capacity building program; interest rate regime; building assessment; response to emergency; drinking water supply; water catchment areas; critical natural habitats; Water Resource Management; law and regulation; prequalification of bidders; nature conservation areas; commercial forest plantation; Oil & Gas; Oil and Gas; Financial Intermediary Assessment; water supply sector; Safeguard Policies; safeguard policy; public market; capacity strengthening; land acquisition; protected area; mitigation measure; infrastructure financing; cumulative impact; environmental specialist; cultural property; social infrastructure; safeguard issue; Infrastructure Finance; finance infrastructure; rural area; public consultation; irrigation channel; fiscal transfer; environmental infrastructure; slum upgrading; water bodies; health facility; downstream activities; downstream activity; subproject proposal; sewerage system; own-source revenue; institutional assessment; field visits; financial intermediaries; subproject preparation; budget reallocations; natural forest; financing source; pandemic response; nature tourism; forest park; public awareness; irrigation system; public place; coverage area; safeguard specialist; local ngo; institutional responsibilities; land take; coastal mangrove; urban sewerage; project finance; resettlement plan; investment proposal; commercial harvest; forestry regulation; land use; certification system; natural hazard; dam safety; stakeholder consultation; access restrictions; social consideration; capital source; government budget; financial resource; subproject implementation; monitoring scheme; organizational structure; stakeholder analysis; regional road; business entity; public-private partnership; Technical Training; consulting contract; construction stage; environment assessment; environmental screening; natural value; land owner; monitoring indicator; Toll Road; market trader; small dam; policy requirement; market development; large dam; public hospital; emergency preparedness; safeguards data; safety inspection; international waterway; irreversible impacts; indirect impact; construction activities; program development; local infrastructure; loan portfolio; subproject identification; counterpart funding; city road; project datum; tourism market; road improvement; results framework; loan pricing; district hospital; project costing; safeguard analysis; physical characteristic; project financing



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Lee,Marcus John Jin Sarn

Restructuring Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Regional Infrastructure Development Fund - P154947 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.