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Kenya - Electricity Expansion Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 2) : Environmental impact assessment project report for the uplands 66/11 KV substation in Lari District (English)

The objectives of the Electricity Expansion Project for Kenya are to: (a) increase access to electricity in urban, peri-urban and rural areas; and (b) improve the efficiency, reliability and quality of service to consumers, while sustaining the policy, institutional and regulatory environment needed for these results to materialize. Negative impacts include: soil erosion, contamination of soil, decreased air quality due to dust emission, solid waste, impacts on water quality and water resources, noise and vibration, visual Intrusion and aesthetic impacts, traffic congestion, accidents as a result of increased traffic, damage to roads and transport infrastructure, occupational Health and safety impacts, and impacts on public health. Mitigation measures include: during construction, where water is available, sprinkle the construction area with water to keep dust levels down; dust masks should be provided to all personnel in areas prone to dust emissions throughout the period of construction; drivers of construction vehicles must be supervised so that they do not leave vehicles idling and they limit the vehicular speeds so that dust levels are lowered; no burning of any waste materials whatsoever should be permitted within the site during construction; areas cleared of vegetation at the substation site, and where no substation structures are, shall be rehabilitated by grass to prevent soil erosion; drainages shall be constructed to control storm water; noise pollution shall be mitigated by ensuring that noisy operations are done during the day only and also by properly maintaining construction machinery; HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns shall be carried out for employees and the surrounding members of public; solid wastes generated, shall be carted away as soon as possible for appropriate disposal; and occupational safety measures shall be put in place, including provision of suitable and adequate personal protective clothing and equipment to construction employees.


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    Lucy,Dennis F.

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    Environmental Assessment

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    Environmental impact assessment project report for the uplands 66/11 KV substation in Lari District

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Lucy,Dennis F.

Kenya - Electricity Expansion Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 2) : Environmental impact assessment project report for the uplands 66/11 KV substation in Lari District (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.