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El Gasto Tributario en Colombia : una propuesta de evaluacion integral y sistematica de este instrumento de politica publica (Spanish)

This document is organized into three parts. The first part provides an overview of tax expenditures in Colombia. The second part addresses the issues of measuring the revenue loss of tax expenditures. In the third and final part there is a comprehensive assessment of three major tax expenditures in effect. In this sense, the analytical approach of the report begins with a broad and comprehensive perspective on the subject of tax expenditures, and ends with a comprehensive and detailed analysis of some specific examples. The authors contend that the growing trend in the number of tax expenditures, observed over the last decade is worrying because there is no knowledge about the net benefit to society can be derived using this instrument of public policy. To improve the management of tax expenditures in Colombia, they propose a strategy that includes the following measures: (1) greater transparency in the process of establishment of tax expenditures, (2) introduction of fiscal rules, (3) gradual reduction the gap between general and special rates on the income tax (ISR) and reduced proliferation in VAT rates, (4) implementation of a comprehensive assessment process of tax expenditures, (5) establishment of dates of effectiveness of these incentives, and (6) review of the requirements for access to certain benefits.


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    Moller,Lars Christian, Junquera-Varela,Raul Felix, Alvarez,Daniel Egidio

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    Other Financial Sector Study

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    Latin America & Caribbean,

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    El Gasto Tributario en Colombia : una propuesta de evaluacion integral y sistematica de este instrumento de politica publica

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Moller,Lars Christian Junquera-Varela,Raul Felix Alvarez,Daniel Egidio

El Gasto Tributario en Colombia : una propuesta de evaluacion integral y sistematica de este instrumento de politica publica (Spanish). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.