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Community benefits sharing : executive summary (English)

Although natural resources are often regarded as belonging to all citizens, overlooking the needs of local communities is counterproductive. The development of a mine results in substantial economic, social, and environmental changes that need to be carefully managed in partnership with the local communities affected. This management is now often channeled through Community Development Agreements (CDA), which are meant to: (i) improve relationships with local communities; and (ii) promote equitable and sustainable benefits to these communities. Whether CDAs are voluntary or mandated by law, flexibility is paramount. To be successful, agreements must be able to respond to the specific needs of each community, to provide clear procedures for amendments, and to emerge through a process of dialogue. The negotiation process itself provides valuable benefits such as building skills, trust and respect, and is as important as the final agreement. A standard framework including a list of issues to be addressed but leaving specifics to be negotiated is recommended. Although each agreement should reflect specific circumstances, the following issues, are covered in this report: parties; communication; roles and responsibilities; capacity building; adequate funding; grievance and dispute resolution mechanisms; and governance.


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    Community benefits sharing : executive summary

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    community benefits;community representative;mining companies;mining company;social and environmental;dispute resolution mechanism;marginalized communities;governance mechanism;transparency mechanism;Natural Resources;local knowledge;sustainable benefits;community characteristic;cohesive communities;traditional community;civil society;traditional authority;negotiation process;building skills;standard framework;equitable benefit;project impact;affected communities;closure planning;



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