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Restructuring Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Low Income Community Housing Support Project - P130710 (English)


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    Sultan,Sonya M.

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    Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet

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    South Asia,

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    Restructuring Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Low Income Community Housing Support Project - P130710

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    low income community; Environmental and Social Safeguard; monitoring and evaluation system; Environmental and Social Impact; domestic violence against woman; Environmental and Social Monitor; Environmental Codes of Practice; environmental and social assessments; worker health and safety; water and wastewater treatment; physical cultural resources; safeguard policy; Safeguard Policies; acquisition of land; displacement of people; social and environmental; adverse environmental impact; construction of infrastructure; low-income urban population; safety of dam; environmentally vulnerable areas; small scale infrastructure; environmental safeguard policy; loss of asset; multi criteria analysis; access to asset; urban poor communities; waste disposal system; loss of income; national government agency; safe drinking water; social and gender; infrastructure and services; civil works; housing loan; environmental screening; settlement upgrade; natural habitat; subproject cycle; social screening; construction period; slum upgrading; safeguard issue; involuntary resettlement; slum dweller; mitigation measure; land share; living condition; beneficiary household; results framework; land development; community participation; tribal people; irreversible impacts; land owner; direct purchase; basic infrastructure; retroactive financing; small-scale infrastructure; emergency loan; cultural property; heritage site; participating community; operations manual; slum area; public place; local ngo; geographical variation; informal settlement; applicable legislation; Ethnic Minorities; institutional responsibilities; site development; Performance Standards; credit line; safeguard analysis; physical characteristic; home repair; online tool; precautionary measure; environment assessment; environmental issue; monitoring indicator; native plant; Host Communities; animal species; elected representative; wildlife sanctuary; as slum; affected communities; resettlement plan; new product; public consultation; vulnerable communities; construction phase; social inclusion; counterpart funding; social group; positive outcome; program development; housing program; environmental enhancement; affected persons; management tool; primary focus; capacity enhancement; intermediate indicator; dust pollution; sanitary landfill; low-income settlement; infrastructure provision; river training; embankment construction; natural flow; local stakeholder; beneficiary participation; environmental audit; infrastructure activities; safeguard screen; environmental compliance; housing construction; income generation; marginal reduction; construction supervision; new credit; lending activities; housing microfinance; borrower household; management protocol; financing agreement; environmental risk; eligibility criterion; new house; safeguards compliance; participatory method; social issue; credit closing; social accountability; housing guidelines; Population Displacement; environmental perspective; land portion; project financing; land acquisition; legal instrument



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Sultan,Sonya M.

Restructuring Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Low Income Community Housing Support Project - P130710 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.