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Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) Gambia Inclusive and Resilient Agricultural Value Chain Development Project (GIRAV) (P173070) (English)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Environmental and Social Management Plan

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    Gambia, The

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    Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) Gambia Inclusive and Resilient Agricultural Value Chain Development Project (GIRAV) (P173070)

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    Annual Work Plan and Budget; stakeholder need; Environmental and Social Management Plan; gender based violence; Occupational health and safety; regular monitoring; small and medium enterprise; sexual violence against woman; lack of storage facility; resource base; Agricultural Value Chain; violence against child; code of conduct; food value chain; act of gender; deprivation of liberty; induction training course; legal service providers; stakeholder engagement; abuse against woman; personal protective equipment; act of violence; Investment Project Financing; adequate sanitation facility; termination of employment; trafficking of woman; standard of behavior; implementation of policies; agricultural extension worker; lack of ownership; strategic entry points; enforcement of law; men and child; forms of coercion; vocational training institution; barrier to woman; risk of incident; forced early marriage; loss of job; grievance redress mechanism; unequal power relation; discrimination against woman; advancement of woman; local service provider; basic human right; persons in need; needs of woman; development of communication; flow of information; financing of investment; vulnerability to shock; refresher training course; private sector operator; form of violence; social and environmental; budget monitoring; sexual harassment; Social Welfare; sexual favors; adolescent girl; grievance mechanism; private investment; response plan; social worker; response action; gender inequalities; Gender Inequality; Sexual Assault; sex work; labour influx; improved technologies; child welfare; commercial agriculture; sexual activity; social safeguard; sexual advances; agribusiness sector; stakeholder consultation; native language; guiding principles; school community; health clinic; clear view; development work; health clinics; economic independence; public area; informal employment; shower facilities; financing mechanism; raise awareness; Safeguard Policies; natural disaster; orientation training; separate latrine; multiple channels; desert locust; budget review; health extension; outreach strategies; temporary shelter; mitigation measure; social impact; advocacy program; response mechanism; best practice; case management; institutional strengthening; psychosocial support; toilet facility; site inspection; knowledge production; outreach activity; citizen engagement; safeguard policy; male worker; Social Assessment; young woman; project intervention; community engagement; community fora; staff rule; hygiene facility; local woman; high wage; beneficiary group; assessment tool; female participant; social activities; awareness material; community level; accountability structure; job description; budget materials; project strategies; community awareness; household violence; risk assessment; gender d; operations manual; adequate supervision; local council; hiv testing; health teams; emergency response; sexual coercion; gender statistic; literacy level; social empowerment; employment income; sexual intercourse; agricultural input; credit facilities; informed choice; women producer; extension service; marketing channel; equitable participation; contract worker; increased risks; community conflict; operational measures; debt bondage; competitive agriculture; smallholder farmer; child pornography; digital camera; technical component; binding constraint; beneficiary level; financial advantage; sexual gratification; company staff; civil works; corrective action; preventive measure; applicable law; disciplinary action; mandatory training; sexual purpose; legal prosecution; sexual interactions; primary focus; digital media; safety hazard; implementing partner; life imprisonment; sexual offence; social origin; core principle; human settlement; socio-economic status; consulting service; food producer; rice production; Consulting services; national legislation; physical violence; physical assault; sexual conduct; rural mobility; gender dynamic; food system; in work



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Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) Gambia Inclusive and Resilient Agricultural Value Chain Development Project (GIRAV) (P173070) (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.