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Restructuring Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - OMVS - TRANSMISSION EXPANSION PROJECT - P147921 (English)


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    Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet

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    Restructuring Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - OMVS - TRANSMISSION EXPANSION PROJECT - P147921

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    Environmental and Social Management Framework; monitoring and evaluation system; Environmental and Social Impact Assessment; transmission line; Environmental and Social Safeguard; health and safety risk; transmission expansion; Safeguard Policies; safeguard policy; grievance redress mechanism; use of pesticide; loss of biodiversity; channels of communication; regional power grid; national power utility; power system operator; safety of dam; resettlement action plan; loss of asset; access to asset; construction and operation; payment of compensation; Resettlement Policy Framework; delay in procurement; implementation of mitigation; critical natural habitats; private sector financing; gallery forest; open forests; civil works; affected communities; mitigation measure; safeguard issue; consultancy service; international waterway; lower price; project financing; cultural property; indigenous people; land acquisition; biodiversity loss; electricity trade; Indigenous Peoples; net result; sensitive habitat; long-term impact; selection criterion; safety measure; social clause; survival rate; tree species; forest loss; Performance Standards; main contractor; Contractual obligations; market condition; pesticide management; labor influx; social screening; consultation process; social distance; Environmental Assessment; environmental safeguard; human settlement; protected area; safeguard analysis; physical characteristic; environmental audit; stakeholder consultation; month period; bush fire; Forest Management; ancillary activities; regional water; irreversible impacts; construction site; resettlement plan; public consultation; safeguards compliance; works contract; civil society; direct contracting; agriculture group; agricultural groups; safeguard study; monitoring indicator; environment assessment; other development; legal framework; program development; project finance; counterpart funding; commercial harvest; project costing; certification system; public place; project datum; local ngo; institutional responsibilities; safeguards data; safety specialist; corrective action; qualified consultant; environmental front; environmental agency; construction activities; safety impact; safety aspect



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Restructuring Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - OMVS - TRANSMISSION EXPANSION PROJECT - P147921 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.