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Additional Financing Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Sierra Leone COVID-19 Education Response AF - P174958 : Project Information Document - Sierra Leone COVID-19 Education Response AF - P174958 (English)


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    Project Information Document

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    Sierra Leone,

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    Africa West,

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    Project Information Document - Sierra Leone COVID-19 Education Response AF - P174958

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    Environmental and Social Management Plan; professional development school; Environmental and Social Risk Classification; national primary school; Technical and Vocational Education; Demographic and Health Survey; primary school completion rate; Primary and Secondary Education; education management information system; public awareness and communication; Food and Nutrition Security; Quality Education for All; distance education service; Basic Education; Distance Learning; child with disability; school closure; years of schooling; standard operating procedure; school level; million people; Gender-Based Violence; distance learning initiative; person with disability; dissemination of knowledge; disparities in access; employment in agriculture; adults with disability; Access to Electricity; number of teachers; mental health issues; determinants of poverty; loss of life; Access to Education; achievement of outcome; basic education teacher; distance learning program; majority of children; education for development; community and school; distance learning method; human capital development; senior secondary education; access to information; preservice teacher training; education in emergency; quality of learning; junior secondary school; senior secondary school; minister of finance; special learning need; access to technology; financing instrument; use of chemicals; safety of worker; rehabilitation of school; quality assurance system; equity in access; distance to school; education service delivery; emergency operation; primary school pupil; quality of teaching; students with disability; human development outcome; annual school census; teaching practice; effective operations; mitigation measure; outreach campaign; radio teaching; social distance; rural area; risk communication; teenage pregnancy; Ownership Share Type; mission school; private entity; in school; examination candidate; emergency education; preprimary school; Radio Transmission; digital technology; epidemiological situation; Higher Education; skill acquisition; communication strategy; procurement function; communications campaign; result indicator; rapid assessment; radio station; vulnerable population; school facility; emergency response; community outreach; remote area; community engagement; school attendance; social framework; extensive consultation; school authority; certificate examination; consultative meeting; delivery standard; efficient coordination; preventative health; first year; teaching staff; supervision cost; grievance mechanism; child support; disadvantaged student; digital infrastructure; adolescent pregnancy; broadcasting station; school dropout; remote region; household survey; radio ownership; government plan; marginalized group; application procedure; environmental risk; international waterway; low-income household; strategic work; student learning; school community; Digital Literacy; online platform; teacher capacity; student population; effective information; negative effect; resource sharing; Domestic Abuse; awareness campaign; equitable access; support system; Sexual Assault; vulnerable group; sensitization campaign; job loss; vulnerable child; health emergency; school building; hygienic practice; school operation; built flexibility; health prevention; crisis management; psychosocial support; Student Assessment; Child protection; learning platform; Education Technology; school base; online tool; safety measure; operational capacity; government support; learning material; approval process; government approval; teacher salary; examination fee; best practice; core principle; important policy; national integration; extreme poverty; technical expertise; electricity access; household head; household size; implementing partner; local partner; survival rate; test score; girls' education; inclusive education; district authority; Financial Stability; adaptive response; education systems; management capacity; impact monitoring; institutional context



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Additional Financing Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Sierra Leone COVID-19 Education Response AF - P174958 : Project Information Document - Sierra Leone COVID-19 Education Response AF - P174958 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.