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Final Technical Assessment - Hunan Subnational Governance and Rural Public Service Delivery Program for Results - P172325 (English)


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    Program-for-Results Technical Assessment

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    East Asia and Pacific,

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    Final Technical Assessment - Hunan Subnational Governance and Rural Public Service Delivery Program for Results - P172325

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    public service in rural area; compulsory education; rural public; Environmental and Social Impact; public resource management system; public sector balance sheet; Risks and Mitigation Measures; Subnational Debt Management; annual road maintenance program; road asset management system; comprehensive monitoring and evaluation; vulnerability to climate change; effectiveness of public spending; rural road maintenance budget; physical condition of school; intergovernmental fiscal management; student learn outcome; public service delivery; source of funding; expenditure per student; Public Financial Management; rural transport service; rural road network; Intergovernmental Fiscal Reform; rural road construction; budget classification code; compulsory education provision; Value for Money; fuel tax revenue; junior secondary school; rural road management; direct government debt; quality of public; expenditure education; share of revenue; types of road; lack of predictability; rural road program; Public Finance Management; road passenger transport; intergovernmental fiscal relation; repair and maintenance; rural transport infrastructure; rural transportation infrastructure; share of transfer; budget execution report; annual budget execution; central government finance; new policy initiative; projections of revenues; competition among schools; Fiscal Risk Management; local government financing; intergovernmental transfer system; intergovernmental fiscal transfer; debt management system; evaluation of education; improved school performance; allocation of fund; total rural transport; paid in capital; girls in math; international good practice; public service provider; rural transport sector; Paid-In Capital; quality control process; per capita income; assessing learning outcome; intergovernmental fiscal system; cost benefit analysis; net present value; human capital formation; additional fiscal resource; cost of road; improved service delivery; Public Services; vehicle purchase; program expenditure; school condition; transfer program; fiscal capacities; routine maintenance; county road; expenditure framework; program financing; village road; new roads; maintenance expenditure; institutional innovation; capital expenditure; policy target; budget expenditure; fiscal transparency; fiscal pressure; education transfer; climate resilience; financial sustainability; Fiscal Sustainability; road safety; budgetary expenditure; in school; outcome indicator; Gender Gap; based financing; sex-disaggregated data; teacher quality; baseline study; investment account; public corporation; contingent liabilities; contingent liability; expenditure responsibility; aggregate fiscal; program budget; fiscal discipline; student learning; budget deficit; lagging region; institutional change; budget transparency; strategic allocation; budget information; equalization transfer; poverty alleviation; funding source; routine inspection; program development; construction expense; administrative capacity; budget line; education performance; qualified teacher; transportation expense; refined oil; public expenditure; finance infrastructure; price reform; Education Quality; Basic Education; financing constraint; budget fund; budget envelope; fiscal transition; sector budget; equitable access; enrollment rate; road service; available funds; road infrastructure; finance cost; village access; social integration; public health; public awareness; social need; Open Budget; institutional financing; expenditure efficiency; performance information; government fund; fiscal information; subnational governance; budget implication; social return; transition strategy; adversely impact; program outcome; existing asset; grant financing; road condition; intergovernmental finance; budget transfer; high wage; excessive capital; operational efficiency; infrastructure asset; road financing; administrative cost; equitable outcome; capital expense; school building; transportation reform



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Final Technical Assessment - Hunan Subnational Governance and Rural Public Service Delivery Program for Results - P172325 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.