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Mauritania - Chinguetti Oilfield Development Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 3) : Seawater injection design studies (Inglês)

This environmental assessment for Mauritania Chinguetti Oilfield development project indicates that the Project can be developed and managed with minimal adverse environmental effects, and with little likelihood of exposing the Banc d'Arguin National Park, and other protected areas, to adverse effects. For the environmental hazards associated with routine discharges and emissions, potential adverse effects will be limited to the immediate vicinity of the development location. Emissions of greenhouse gases from routine operations will be minimized over field life through re-injection of gas into a suitable sub-surface reservoir. Accidental oil spills have the potential to cause adverse effects to resources beyond the immediate development location. However, oil spill risk analysis indicates that the likelihood of spills greater than 2,000 barrels occurring at the development location is generally unlikely to remote, depending on spill source. The focus of environmental management will be on the implementation of appropriate prevention and response measures that reflect currently accepted and responsible industry practices, procedures and environmental standards for managing oil spill risk from this type of development. Effective measures to prevent and respond to oil spills will be put in place under the framework of an oil spill contingency plan. Similarly, prevention and response measures for managing the other environmental hazards will be given effect through the project environmental management plan, to be developed following the environmental impact statement.


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    Seawater injection design studies

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