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Kosovo - Financial Sector Strengthening Project : Environmental Assessment : Kosovë - Projekti për Forcimin e Sektorit Financiar : Vlerësimi Mjedisor (Albanês)

The objective of the Financial Sector Strengthening Project is to improve access to finance for MSMEs. The environmental impacts of the project are expected to be of manageable, temporary and of local impact as they are related to the general construction activities on already known and previously used locations. These impacts most commonly include: a) dust and noise due to excavation, demolition and construction; b) management of demolition construction wastes and accidental spillage of machine oil, lubricants, etc., c) encroachment to a private property; d) damage to historical or cultural property or unknown archaeological sites; e) traffic disturbance; f) surface or ground water; and g) soil pollution or erosion. Mitigation measures include: waste collection and disposal pathways and sites will be identified for all major waste types expected from demolition and construction activities; mineral construction and demolition wastes will be separated from general refuse, organic, liquid and chemical wastes by on-site sorting and stored in appropriate containers; construction waste will be collected and disposed properly by licensed collectors; the records of waste disposal will be maintained as proof for proper management as designed; whenever feasible the contractor will reuse and recycle appropriate and viable materials (except asbestos); the approach to handling sanitary wastes and wastewater from building sites (installation or reconstruction) must be approved by the local authorities; before being discharged into receiving waters, effluents from individual wastewater systems must be treated to meet the minimal quality criteria set out by national guidelines on effluent quality and wastewater treatment; the asbestos prior to removal (if removal is necessary) will be treated with a wetting agent to minimize asbestos dust; asbestos will be handled and disposed by skilled and experienced professionals; all recognized natural habitats and protected areas in the immediate vicinity of the activity will not be damaged or exploited, all staff will be strictly prohibited from hunting, foraging, logging or other damaging activities; adjacent wetlands and streams will be protected, from construction site run-off, with appropriate erosion and sediment control feature to include by not limited to hay bales, silt fences; and there will be no unlicensed borrow pits, quarries or waste dumps in adjacent areas, especially not in protected areas.




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