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Lithuania - Highway Project (Inglês)

The overall objectives of the Highway Project are to assist the Government of Lithuania in preserving its road network, and to improve the efficiency of Lithuania's road maintenance operations. The specific objectives of the project are: a) to expand the level quality and efficiency of periodic maintenance for roads and bridge repairs; b) to reduce vehicle operating costs and improve the environment by completing bypasses, and to help preserve the urban infrastructure by financing an expanded program of street improvements and maintenance for the cities of Vilnius and Kaunas; c) to facilitate road financing by encouraging road user charge system; d) to encourage and support the development of private road construction and engineering industries; and e) to improve road safety. The components are in three areas. The Lithuanian Road Administration includes: a) repaving of portions of the Regional Road Network; b) completion of partially constructed by-passes; c) bridge repairs; d) a road safety program; and e) technical services. In the municipality of Vilnius the components are the repaving and reconstruction of high priority streets and bridge repairs as well as technical support. In the municipality of Kaunas the components are the repaving and upgrading of streets and technical support.




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