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Voices from the Field : Stories from Mozambique’s Integrated Landscape Management Portfolio (Português)

This publication presents a series of stories from colleagues, partners and friends who work closely with and benefit from ILM Portfolio activities and investments. Reflecting the true nature of the Bank’s work in Mozambique, the stories are of hope, resolution and hard work; presentingpractical examples of lessons learned and visions for a future that meets the needs of all of Mozambique’s people while safeguarding its unique and irreplaceable natural environment.


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    Voices from the Field : Stories from Mozambique’s Integrated Landscape Management Portfolio

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    Natural Resources; agricultural association; slash and burn agriculture; economic empowerment of woman; sustainable natural resource management; institution need; sustainable use of forest; civil society; farmer; source of income; source income; civil society partner; sustainable land use; production of charcoal; national government agency; harvest of timber; clean water supply; lack of infrastructure; contamination of water; waste disposal system; mother and child; family and friends; alternative fuel source; destructive agricultural practices; increase in income; quantity of fish; sense of ownership; agriculture and forestry; sustainable farming practice; sustainable land management; scientific knowledge base; natural resource sector; lack of communication; balance of power; land use right; land use analysis; protected area; honey production; conservation agriculture; water pump; commercial farmer; Crop; landscape degradation; daily life; large enterprise; land right; sustainable agriculture; Landscape Management; farming technique; water supplies; natural environment; soil fertility; community group; rural livelihood; tourism potential; living condition; local livelihoods; charcoal production; environmental degradation; rural area; saving program; wood product; tourism revenue; sustainable livelihood; rural community; environmental sustainability; timber industry; potential conflicts; dangerous animals; wild boar; dry season; coastal region; polluted water; diversified income; soil health; vegetable garden; small fish; coastal water; remote village; land productivity; fruit tree; mixed farming; Fish Farm; private company; sustainable landscape; cut off; community perspective; local market; water source; work income; restoration plan; environmental awareness; factory floor; educational campaign; local wildlife; community representative; timber production; essential skill; native forest; population increase; private investment; Fish Farming; computer course; crop land; local consumption; food supply; tourism partnership; effective conservation; farming method; community forestry; human energy; organizational management; commercial group; forest inventories; access management; Help community; agricultural school; bull elephant; collect firewood; timber processing; sustainable forest; financing tool; land cover; advanced knowledge; satellite image; efficient stove; native land; forest improvement; agricultural land; tourism operators; male relative; environment tourism; seed production; fish product; technical expertise; financial analysis; school tuition; medical cost; financial knowledge; government representative; natural heritage; legal requirement; financial constraint; forestry concession; public resource; land-use decision; governance assessment; forest operator; working relationship; gender specialist; soil degradation; map display; young age; small-scale producer; small scale producer; process plant; subsistence agriculture; daily subsistence; local condition; soil disturbance; school fee; behavioral change; fair price; implementing partner; small island; grade teacher; student curriculum; community initiative; conservation awareness; learning technique; environmental knowledge; vital service; global benefit; climate regulation; wildlife poaching; environmental threat; common vision; government investment; community livelihoods; agroforestry system; personal investment; agricultural potential; cooler temperatures; fertile land; river bed; improved seed; limited infrastructure; legal constraint; local farmer; conservation area; coastal communities; Financial Stability; fish stock; delicate ecosystems; fish market; local fishing; cold storage; multiple sources; marine life; primary source; life skill



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