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Brazil - Integrated Landscape Management in the Cerrado Biome Project (Português)

The development objective of the Integrated Landscape Management in the Cerrado Biome Project for Brazil is to strengthen the adoption of environmental conservation and restoration practices, and low-carbon emission agricultural practices in selected watersheds of Brazil’s Cerrado Biome. The project comprises of three components. First component, Institutional Development and Capacity Building for Landscape Management is to support the development of capacities at the national and local levels to plan and implement a landscape approach in the selected watersheds through, inter alia: (i) land use mapping; (ii) studies and information on the Cerrado Biome; and (iii) strengthening of governance and the institutional capacity of MAPA, SFB, MCTIC/INPE, EMBRAPA, and SENAR, through consultancies, non-consulting services (e.g., rental of vehicles, maintenance, and information technology services),infrastructure and civil works, the acquisition of goods and equipment, the acquisition of satellite images, the carrying out of workshops and training, and the preparation and production of communication materials; Second component, Mainstreaming Landscape Practices into Selected Watersheds is to promote the adoption of low-carbon emission agricultural practices and restoration practices within private landholdings and help improve production efficiency and environmental compliance through, inter alia: (i) an action plan for the selected watersheds; (ii) mobilization and engagement of producers and public environmental institutions; (iii) training; (iv) technical assistance for landholders; (v) monitoring of landholdings’ performance; and (vi) support for the forest-restoration supply chain; Third component, Project Management, Monitoring, Evaluation and Communication is to provide support for the Proposed Project’s technical and administrative management, including communication, monitoring, evaluation, reporting and auditing activities. It will finance studies, workshops, training, travel, technical advice, consulting, administrative services, limited software and equipment, and operating costs.


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    Brazil - Integrated Landscape Management in the Cerrado Biome Project

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    Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais; Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation; Institutional Development and Capacity; agricultural practice; Central Bank of Brazil; economic and financial analysis; Internal rate of return; Adaptation to Climate Change; sustainable management of forest; Management of Natural Resources; Environmental and Social Safeguard; large tracts of land; land use; rural property; agriculture and livestock; forest carbon stock; stakeholder participation; capacity for implementation; gross domestic product; degraded pasture; institutional partner; purchase of goods; total factor productivity; procurement and disbursement; public authority; public expenditure growth; national environmental legislation; sustainable production practice; implementation of policies; average farm size; reduction in poverty; annual interest rate; biological nitrogen fixation; risk category; loss of confidence; global environmental benefits; sustainable land use; forest resource management; national forest inventory; business support program; Corporate Results Indicator; generation of income; core sector indicator; participation of woman; theory of change; sustainable forest management; integrated landscape planning; natural vegetation cover; development of capacity; land use mapping; information technology services; acquisition of good; access to land; secure property right; accounting and reporting; forest fire; rural extension; result indicator; train activity; environmental compliance; landscape approach; Landscape Management; shadow price; environmental conservation; results framework; research institutions; direct beneficiaries; carbon emission; landscape monitoring; economic crisis; land-use change; agricultural activity; traditional community; social progress; Consulting services; hydrographic network; cattle producer; agricultural sector; agricultural production; productivity growth; forest restoration; Macroeconomic Analysis; Wage Bill; carbon dioxide; international environmental; land clearing; Cash flow; institutional context; corporate action; exchange rate; Exchange Rates; native vegetation; procurement rule; site selection; agricultural management; conceptual model; technological need; extreme poverty; critical habitat; long-term sustainability; complementary contribution; rural environmental; rural landowners; environmental recovery; procurement regulation; disbursement method; annual investment; learning service; local infrastructure; stakeholder engagement; national procurement; landscape dynamics; steep slope; sustainable use; farm area; productive area; technological capacity; agricultural benefit; thematic area; annual crop; riparian forests; funds flow; gender issue; landscape restoration; income opportunity; supervision arrangements; sustainable agriculture; commercial forest; internal control; landscape program; reporting requirement; brazilian currency; critical watershed; beef cattle; animal waste; sustainable forestry; audit arrangement; water quality; land-use systems; natural areas; capacity assessment; agricultural productivity; political will; Agricultural Technology; effective participation; capacity strengthening; governance process; gender assessment; demonstration effect; budget execution; fiduciary responsibility; grant recipient; price sensitivity; strategic advice; forest recovery; raw material; financial autonomy; ecosystem service; ecosystem conservation; sustainable practices; electronic system; financial evaluation; sustainability indicator; core indicator; conservation objective; credit line; government commitment; fiscal constraint; national budget; government institution; state agency; macroeconomic situation; macroeconomic risk; international commitment; fiduciary risk; Livestock Production; political change; public servant; governance risk; specialized services; Advisory services; positive impact; transaction process; Technology Transfer; fire prevention; field days



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