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The promotion of manufacturing in Kuwait (Inglês)

This report contains information and suggestions for the development of manufacturing in Kuwait. The report looks at the income and employment of Kuwait and analyzes the overall growth of the country as well as sectoral development, balance of payments, population, and employment. The report also contains a section on the country's resources, and the diversification of employment and out put. The existing manufacturing sector is also described, which includes information on existing services to industries. The report gives views and recommendations, which suggests the establishment and prospects for a Kuwait Development Bank.


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    Relatório Econômico ou Setorial Pré-2003

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    Oriente Médio e Norte da África,

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    The promotion of manufacturing in Kuwait

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    Manufacturing;gross national product;oil;balance of payment;Oil and Gas;large scale industry;Oil & Gas;gross fixed capital formation;Return on Invested Capital;average number of person;flour mill;competition from imports;size and structure;dairy product;proven reserve;medium scale industry;high growth rate;crude oil production;total labor force;modern management technique;local industry;oil reserve;source of income;technical college;consumption growth rate;durable consumer good;share of income;refined oil product;production growth rate;net factor income;per capita income;number of immigrants;skilled foreign labor;basis of knowledge;export of products;increase in population;availability of capital;number of jobs;government financial assets;employment in industry;Letter of Credit;errors and omission;spread of education;real estate development;human resources education;per capita gnp;degree of sophistication;source income;large capital investment;number of workers;low death rate;total gross value;proven oil reserves;trade and services;natural gas production;amount of traffic;power and water;degree of mechanization;body of water;amount of oil;gas production increase;limited liability company;wooden furniture;oil sector;arab countries;credit term;raw material;annual production;oil companies;repair shop;construction material;government loan;Oil Refining;fertilizer plant;financial facilities;oil company;fish canning;commercial bank;import good;protective tariff;manufacturing establishment;retained earnings;high transportation;import product;Water Distillation;caustic soda;tariff protection;transport equipment;local products;power capacity;hydrochloric acid;Oil Income;skilled labor;local market;food manufacturing;manufacturing industry;building material;industrial financing;import duty;domestic investment;population increase;construction sector;industrial loan;fertilizer production;kuwaiti dinar;food processing;electrical appliance;investment income;capital surplus;chemical fertilizer;sectoral development;plastic products;manufactured products;professional skill;dairy plant;industrial occupation;overseas study;trained worker;practical training;Public Utilities;young men;medical doctor;home countries;leather products;home country;subsequent years;external market;metal casting;credit facilities;steel pipe;chemical industry;industrial gases;aerosol product;metal product;metal industry;long-term loan;price preference;government equity;international bid;local production;paint industry;local entrepreneur;production planning;domestic sale;industrial establishments;cash basis;school child;export outlets;bank borrowing;labor turnover;cooperative effort;industrial management;electrical product;bank official;employee development;net profit;textile industry;transport vehicle;domestic production;electrical equipment;payment difficulty;unskilled worker;industrial units;sample survey;soft drink;inspection procedure;concrete pipe;furniture industry;licensing system;legal monopoly;funds transfer;oil refinery;industrial structure;industrial investment;chemical product;private industry;production cost;oil wealth;economic security;consumer interest;inefficient industries;modern transport;permanent residency;selective immigration;local movement;potable water;sea water;unearned income;distilled water;fresh water;water consumption;financial service;output objectives;principal asset;total saving;government revenue;valuable asset;geographic location;natural harbor;earth satellite;small boat;approach channel;mixed cargo;oil terminal;oil producer;gas injection;Power Generation;peak demand;gas consumption;petrochemical industry;hot temperature;political consideration;increasing costs;mining production;production rate;reservoir pressure;depletion rate;tertiary industry;employment opportunities;oil account;investment expenditure;medical service;hospital bed;Health Service;free market;employment opportunity;relative ranking;welfare services;elementary school



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