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Marshall Islands - Pacifice Resilence Project Under the Pacific Resilience Program : Additional Financing (Inglês)

The objective of the Pacifice Resilence Project Under the Pacific Resilience Program is ‘to strengthen the financial protection of the Republic of the Marshall Islands’, and the project is designed to finance part of the Government of RMI’s insurance premia for catastrophe risk insurance products. The additional grant will finance part of the costs associated with scale-up of activities under part one (premiums financing) of the project, enhancing its impact by covering the payment for the disaster insurance premiums for an additional five years, to provide insurance cover until October 2023. This will ensure that RMI continues to have access to catastrophe risk insurance as part of strengthening financial protection against natural disasters. RMI is exposed to a range of hydro-meteorological and geohazards, including tropical cyclone, which is currently covered by the catastrophe risk insurance program. The likelihood that a hazardous event will have a significant impact on the Marshall Islands is rising with the increasing levels of population and assets in the urban areas of Majuro and Ebeye. The low-lying atolls are at risk from tsunamis (and storm surge), which can cause damage to roads, houses, and other infrastructure on the low-lying atolls. Tropical cyclones are expected to become more frequent with climate change.


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    Marshall Islands - Pacifice Resilence Project Under the Pacific Resilience Program : Additional Financing

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