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India - National Ganga River Basin Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 2) : Environmental and social management framework (Inglês)

The objectives of the National Ganga River Basin Project for India are: (a) to operationalize and support the National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGRBA) and its associated state-level institutions, to ensure their capacity to plan and implement a multi-sectoral river water quality improvement program in a basin context; and (b) to reduce pollution loads into the river in selected investment locations. Negative measures include: water pollution, air pollution, dust, noise pollution, soil erosion, waste management, and ecology. Mitigation measures include: a) use water sprinkling arrangements for reducing dust levels due to sewer laying works and traffic movement; b) the contractor shall ensure adequate housing with water, sanitation and healthcare facilities to the construction workforce; c) mobile vans, fitted with water tankers (with capacity of 8000-10000 litres), shall be deployed for period flushing of the sewers with non potable water; d) septic tanks and soak pits serving individual house-holds at present are to be disconnected, emptied through deployment of cesspool emptier/septic tank sucker vehicles; e) the road surface including the bitumen, base and sub-base layers shall be restored to its previous state and ensure the smooth ride quality to road users; and f) in case of high ground water table conditions, suitable de-watering system should be adopted and more importantly de-water discharge shall be disposed off in a proper way with no leakages or flooding on the roads.


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    Environmental and social management framework

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