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Colombia - Rio Bogota Environmental Recuperation and Flood Control Project : request for inspection (Inglês)

On June 23 and 29,2016, respectively, the Inspection Panel received two Requestsfor Inspection of the Rio Bogota Environmental Recuperation and Flood Control Project("the Project"). The Requests were submitted by members of the "Mesa Cuidadana CortijoTibaguya" and "Fundacion Colectivo Somos Uno" ("the Requesters"), respectively, whoasked the Panel to keep their identities confidential. At the time, the Panel did not register the Requests to provide Bank Management with the opportunity to address the concerns.On September 30 and October 5,2016, respectively, the Panel received additional Requestsfrom the same Requesters raising similar concerns, and stating that they were not satisfiedwith Bank Management's actions. The Requesters claim environmental, health and social harm as a result of the improvement and expansion of the Salitre Wastewater TreatmentPlant (WWTP) in Bogota. The Panel conducted its initial due diligence, communicated with the Requestersand with Bank Management, and verified that the Requests meet the requirements forregistration. Since the concerns raised refer to the same Project and similar issues, the Panelwill register and process them jointly (hereinafter both Requests are referred to as "the Request"). The Requesters claim that the residents of the UPZ 72 community from the locality10 of Engativa are likely to suffer environmental, health and social harm as a result of theexpansion of the Salitre WWTP, and that approximately 20,000 families (a total of 60,000to 80,000 people) will be directly affected by the Project. The Requesters claim that the expansion of the Salitre WWTP will destroy the Cortijo Tibaguya wetland and negatively impact the floodplain of Rio Bogota and theTibabuyes or Juan Amarillo wetland, increasing the risk of flooding and affecting theecosystems of the area. Finally, the Requesters ask for a halt to the start of Project works, the protection of the wetland, the allocation of sufficient resources for its preservation, the declaration of the Cortijo Tibaguya wetland as an environmental reserve for Bogota, and the inclusion oftheir community in the public participation and consultation process moving forward.




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