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Revised Labor Management Procedures Yemen COVID-19 Response Project (P173862) (Inglês)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Procedure and Checklist

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    Yemen, Iêmen República do

  • Região

    Oriente Médio e Norte da África,

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    Revised Labor Management Procedures Yemen COVID-19 Response Project (P173862)

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    employee will re; terms and conditions of employment; occupational safety and health; Infection Prevention and Control; water supply worker; Occupational health and safety; workplace health and safety; health and safety issue; Risks and Mitigation Measures; occupational health service; community health and safety; legal and regulatory framework; minimum age for employment; environmental and social management; procurement of service; code of conduct; number of workers; categories of worker; termination of employment; contract worker; use of force; first aid equipment; illness and death; public sector employment; age of employment; access to training; demand for service; local health authorities; contract of employment; waste management service; public health care; emergency operation center; duration employment; capacity development activity; freedom of association; number of women; number of foreigners; termination of contract; point of entry; contract for work; national labor legislation; continuity of supply; personal protective equipment; health information system; risk of exposure; health care facility; lack of security; health care facilities; public health official; health care centers; applications for employment; prevention of gender; safe working environment; above ground level; case of emergency; prevention of infection; Health Care Waste; mass vaccination campaign; person with disability; Sexually Transmitted Disease; debt bondage labor; use of machinery; treatment of patient; international health regulations; child labor; medical supply; civil works; working condition; sexual harassment; employment contract; Health Workers; grievance mechanism; psychological distress; security personnel; medical waste; national legislation; health facility; annual leave; Equal Opportunity; treatment facilities; occupational hazard; local market; work permit; case management; emergency response; risk assessment; working time; labor use; hazardous work; written contract; medical workers; construction material; national laboratory; job description; communication strategy; rational use; employment relationship; work environment; salary payment; raise awareness; security risk; fair treatment; forced labor; labor requirement; case detection; equal pay; migrant worker; train activity; ensuring compliance; professional worker; community workers; weekly rest; working day; Occupational Injuries; calendar year; domestic work; Young Workers; occupational injury; reduced work; protective device; night work; working age; overtime work; women worker; equal wage; psychosocial support; procurement activities; contagious illness; biological waste; chemical waste; female workers; international market; health check; contract duration; physical distance; preventative measure; affected worker; high wage; local supply; supply constraint; correct application; vaccine delivery; security authority; mobile teams; abusive behavior; adequate training; response activity; commencement date; contractual provision; guiding principles; worker productivity; application procedure; international regulation; public consultation; public meeting; laboratory biosafety; oxygen source; readiness assessment; adverse events; international convention; environmental specialist; response plan; Labor Law; recruitment procedures; Water Management; release date; employment term; state language; work regulation; labor management; employment condition; increased risks; rest period; birth certificate; labor code; contractual requirement; contractual arrangement; social requirement; adequate provision; medical examination; social distance; hand hygiene; finance activity; emergency situation; reporting requirement; stakeholder engagement; vulnerable worker; basic safety; vehicle driver; protective glove; supervisory staff; safety procedure; hygiene facility; wash basins; resting areas; isolation rooms; construction work; Medical care; paid leave; adequate supply; potable water



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