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Cote d'Ivoire - Urgent Electricity Rehabilitation Project : procurement plan : Plan de passation des marches (Francês)


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    Plano de Aquisições

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    Costa do Marfim,

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    Plan de passation des marches

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    access to electricity, accounting, accurate information, Action Plan, approach, arrears, asset holding, audits, availability, back up, balance, balance sheet, Bank financing, Bank involvement, Bank policies, Beneficiaries, beneficiary, Borrower, borrowing, calculations, capability, capacity building, capacity utilization, Cash inflow, checks, circuit breakers, Compact Fluorescent Lamps, Competitive Bidding, conservative assumptions, consumer, consumer demand, contingencies, contribution, Credits, CURRENCY, customer service, Debt, Development Bank, Disbursement, disbursements, Distribution Network, distribution networks, distribution system, drought, economic activity, Economic Analysis, economic growth, electric power, electric power system, Electrical Energy, ELECTRICITY, electricity consumption, electricity demand, electricity distribution, electricity generation, Electricity sales, electricity supply, electricity tariff, Employment, enabling environment, energy demand, energy efficiency, energy efficiency improvements, energy losses, energy resources, Environmental, environmental impacts, environmental risk, equipment, Exchange Rate, expenditures, export market, finances, financial analyses, Financial Analysis, financial assistance, Financial Community, Financial Covenants, financial crisis, financial flows, financial institutions, Financial Management, financial management system, financial performance, financial position, financial reports, financial studies, financial support, financial transactions, Foreign Direct Investment, fuel, fuel costs, fuel supply, Gas, gas costs, Gas deliveries, gas exploration, gas price, gas prices, Gas production, gas supply, gas turbine, Gas Turbines, generating capacity, generation, generation capacity, grid electricity, Gross Domestic Product, growth path, hardware, hardware components, heat, Human Development, Hydrocarbons, hydroelectric potential, hydropower, ID, immigrant population, Impact Assessment, implementing agencies, Implementing Agency, Imports, income, income level, indexation, information system, INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT, Inspection, installation, institutional framework, institutional support, Internal Audit, international best practice, International Finance, investment decisions, Investment Loan, kilowatt hour, legal framework, legislation, lender, Lending instrument, liquidation, Loan, Loan Demand, long-term borrowings, low-income, low-income customer, low-income families, major asset, management software, manufacturing, marginal cost, marginal costs, Mines, Monetary Fund, oil, operational efficiency, Partial Risk, Peak demand, peak times, performance indicators, Phone, physical assets, pipeline, Policy Framework, post-conflict, potential investors, Power, power distribution, power generation, power generation capacity, Power Producer, Power Producers, Power project, Power Purchase Agreements, power sector, power station, power stations, power system, power system planning, private sector, private sector development, Procurement, project management, Public Debt, Public Expenditure, public utility, rehabilitation investments, reliability, remittances, renewable energy, residential consumers, responsibilities, result, Results, resume, Return, revolving fund, rural electrification, Sensitivity analyses, sites, social development, social issues, stakeholders, standard formats, Supervision, Sustainable Development, targets, tariff structure, technical assistance, technical issue, Technical standards, Telecommunications, thermal capacity, thermal power, thermal power plant, Thermal Unit, time period, total cost, total costs, Training program, transmission, transmission infrastructure, transmission interconnection, transmission system, users, valuation, vehicles, Voltage



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