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Appraisal Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Integrated watershed management of the Putumayo-I?? river basin - P172893 (Inglês)


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    Gonzalez Velosa,Ana Maria

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    América Latina,

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    América Latina e Caribe,

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    Appraisal Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Integrated watershed management of the Putumayo-I?? river basin - P172893

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary; community health and safety; sustainable natural resource use; environmental and social management; emissions of air pollutant; Occupational health and safety; Public and Private Institution; information and communication technology; health and safety issue; sustainable use of resources; projects on the ground; national parks and reserves; access to basic service; Natural Resources; social and environmental; water and environmental; Natural Resource Management; early warning system; Water and Energy; source income; access to land; integrate water resource; Water and Land; land use restriction; common pool resource; access to sanitation; financial sustainability analysis; land and water; natural resource governance; conservation area management; conflict resolution mechanism; exposure to mercury; code of conduct; negative environmental impact; better decision making; rate of death; banks of rivers; impacts of pollution; informed decision making; hazardous waste management; knowledge management strategy; participatory decision making; financial management aspects; existing gender gap; biodiversity conservation efforts; national protected areas; species of reptiles; species of amphibians; species of mammal; species of bird; tropical moist forest; free-flowing river; capacity-building measures; Social Risk Rating; natural resource conservation; low population density; vulnerable social group; participation of beneficiary; conservation of biodiversity; flow of data; impact of water; source of income; water from river; grievance redress mechanism; regional value chain; labor management; lack of participation; value of biodiversity; income generating activity; assessment of risk; negative health impacts; hazardous materials management; security management; sustainable resource use; efforts of governments; global environmental benefits; environmentally vulnerable areas; emergency response system; regulating ecosystem services; Indigenous Peoples; water pollution; environmental risk; project effectiveness; illegal mining; indigenous community; biological resource; mitigation measure; indigenous communities; scientific knowledge; enabling conditions; freshwater ecosystem; water quality; common vision; fishing activity; security risk; traditional knowledge; animal species; pilot activities; indigenous organization; water contamination; stakeholder engagement; waste production; strategic action; Equal Opportunity; environmental authority; grant recipient; organizational structure; public meeting; mercury pollution; conservation initiative; management intervention; administrative staff; cultural value; illegal arm; natural habitat; native language; pollution prevention; project intervention; Physical securities; productive activity; environmental issue; River basin; ghg emissions; invasive species; human traffic; critical habitat; domestic animal; natural phenomenon; collaborative action; fishery activity; supervision arrangements; contract worker; physical protection; social unrest; affected persons; drought period; environmental contamination; archaeological site; peasant communities; criminal activity; ecosystem resilience; conserve biodiversity; institutional partner; contaminated site; environmental control; risk assessment; disposal area; public entity; extreme flood; flood regime; environmental emission; national legislation; effective governance; safety standard; priority region; wild places; water conservation; health issue; armed groups; Technical Training; productive asset; park ranger; national integration; living condition; organizational focus; medical service; clean water; indigenous population; poor health; illegal deforestation; legal protection; high vulnerability; communal work; health clinic; health clinics; public lighting; fish species; environmental damage; international company; income generation; consultation mechanism; multilateral bank; applicable procurement; thematic are



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