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Chile - The magnitude 8.8 offshore Maule region Chile earthquake of February 27, 2010 : preliminary summary of damage and enginering recommendations : Chile - El terremoto de magnitud 8,8 costa afuera de la region del Maule, Chile, del 27 de febrero de 2010 : resumen preliminar de los danos y recomendaciones de ingenieria (Espanhol)

This paper documents the effects of the 2010 earthquake on Chile's infrastructure and economy, for the purpose of future policy recommendations. The assessments and recommendations in this report are preliminary, and need further analysis and development in order to substantiate a basis for policy decisions. The evaluation is based on discussions with expert seismologists and earthquake engineers. The report summarizes the performance of most classes of buildings and infrastructure, and makes specific recommendations regarding further data that need to be collected and analyzed in order to understand what can be done to improve future performance and future codes; the analyses that need to be conducted to evaluate the risks due to the action of earthquakes and tsunami in Chile; and the earthquake risk-reduction projects that can be undertaken to eliminate or reduce future risks in Chile to acceptable levels. The earthquake affected 82 percent of the country's population. The final official casualty count includes 577 deaths. According to press reports at the time of this report's preparation, the overall damage to infrastructure is estimated at 30 billion US dollars. If building interior damage and business interruptions were also included, the overall economic loss would increase substantially, reaching 50 to 60 billion US dollars. The recommendations provided throughout this report include the establishment of a national program for earthquake risk reduction; establishment of specific programs for damage prevention; revision and improvement of the Chilean seismic code; creation of new research programs, and improvement of existing ones; creation of a national seismic network; and construction of a monument from a collapsed historical bridge.


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    Medina, Francisco Yanev, Peter I. Yanev, Alexander P.

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    Chile - El terremoto de magnitud 8,8 costa afuera de la region del Maule, Chile, del 27 de febrero de 2010 : resumen preliminar de los danos y recomendaciones de ingenieria

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