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Vietnam - National Universities Development Project : Environmental Assessment : Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (Inglês)

The development objective of the National Universities Development Project for Vietnam is to improve the quality of teaching and research at three targeted national universities. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: (1) dust masks should be used by workers where dust levels are excessive; (2) provide septic tanks for toilets for treating wastewater before it can be discharged into the environment; (3) waste storage containers shall be covered, tip-proof, weatherproof, and scavenger proof; (4) the removal of asbestos-containing materials or other toxic substances shall be performed and disposed of by specially trained and certified workers; (5) collect the waste and wastewater containing cement at the sedimentation traps and drainage ditches regularly to limit the amount of solids entering receptors; (6) if any invasive species are found during construction phase, burn them before disposed of to prevent them from re-growing at disposal site; (7) check the existing drains within and surrounding the construction sites, improve before levelling to ensure rainwater can be drained properly; and (8) set up traffic and maintain instruction signs and warnings to secure safety for people and means of transport during construction.


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    Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

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    Environmental and Social Management Plan; Occupational health and safety; Environmental and Social Impact; water supply and drainage; mitigation measure; community health and safety; health and safety issue; scientific research center; wastewater treatment plant; surface water quality; floor area; detailed planning; strategic environmental assessment; wastewater treatment process; environmental protection plan; environmental management system; higher education system; Gender-Based Violence; public consultation; appropriate training program; infrastructure and services; local health service; hazardous waste management; teaching-learning method; need of student; construction of road; analysis of alternatives; basins of rivers; waste collection service; ambient air quality; traditional education method; law and regulation; child labor force; hazardous waste threshold; use of resources; construction and operation; quality of teaching; machinery and equipment; social and environmental; loss of vegetation; environmental quality monitoring; public utility companies; land law; Construction Law; person with disability; national environmental legislation; floor information; capacity building training; education law; investment law; disposal of sludge; construction site; domestic wastewater; construction impact; land area; construction investment; construction phase; disposal site; Traffic Safety; biological impact; positive impact; land acquisition; environmental monitoring; transport route; technical infrastructure; wastewater generation; reporting requirement; transportation routes; green space; DEC Planning Adjustment; investment capital; unexploded ordnance; construction area; industrial wastewater; gas emission; construction plant; rapid change; construction activities; research excellence; heavy metal; teaching staff; teaching resource; new skill; construction machinery; Social Conflict; subproject implementation; undergraduate training; international standard; laboratory equipment; aquatic environment; construction period; social issue; resilient infrastructure; treated wastewater; monitoring program; Social Sciences; university staff; natural science; Public Services; building design; penalty system; foreign language; operational practices; engineering design; exhaust emission; safe transportation; safety regulation; chemical laboratory; literature review; specialized equipment; management requirements; environmental issue; flora species; housing area; consulting service; Consulting services; awareness raising; job opportunities; job opportunity; environmental supervision; civil works; Traffic Control; subproject preparation; animal raising; environmental performance; waste water; education center; environmental compliance; traffic police; road management; university entrance; rush hour; doctoral training; socio-economic development; long hour; sexual harassment; daily activity; broken glass; steel bar; international integration; adequate protection; hot weather; summer season; industrialized country; Industrialized countries; urban function; postgraduate training; social disturbance; sports facilities; labor influx; monitor compliance; safety rule; Public Infrastructure; postgraduate student; landscape change; power line; educational method; explosion hazards; Technology Transfer; bulky materials; accident risk; transmission line; temporary residence; domestic activity; environmental pollution; ground level; allowable limits; operational issues; top soil; public health; constructed buildings; safe disposal; emission level; inner city; dug well; sedimentation control; flood risk; labour influx; alcohol abuse; land fund; noise pollution; social infrastructure; investment demand; septic tank; sanitation facility; information center; regional university; external network; geographical location; sediment volume; average rainfall; average temperature; geological condition; meteorological characteristics; construction work; data cente



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