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Russia - Uljanovsk Landfill Gas Reduction Project : environmental impact assessment (Vol. 2) : Executive summary of environmental impact assessment (Russo)

The Uljanovsk Landfill Gas Reduction Project in Russia is designed to rectify municipal solid waste disposal, storage and treatment, which is one of the most urgent environmental issues in the city of Ulyanovsk, the region's largest industrial center. The Project is to be performed on the existing mined-out quarry at the Barataevsky sand field. The project site is located at an industrial waste dumping ground operated by AvtoUAZ plant, bio-thermal pits (under construction), and an unauthorized city dump. The project itself is not expected to have any negative environmental impacts beyond those of routing civil works sites. However, there are risks of harmful impacts and poor environmental performance of continued landfill operation. Building equipment may have an impact on ambient air during the construction period if the work regulations are not complied with and fuel quality and consumption are not monitored. In the event the landfill re-cultivation project is rejected, the process of surface water, groundwater and soil contamination will continue. The re-cultivated landfill shall not have any negative impact on groundwater and surface waters due to proposed project activities. Possible accidents include landfill fires and breakage of polymeric sheets. Also the impacts on other common environmental goods (air, soil, surface water, fauna and flora) are not expected to worsen by continued landfill operation. The overall impact of upgrading the facility and stepping up operational diligence, as planned and laid out in the PDD, is expected to be positive.


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    Executive summary of environmental impact assessment

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