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China - Chongqing New Urbanization Pilot and Demonstration Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 2) : Environmental and social management plan for Nan'an district component (Inglês)

The development objective of the Chongqing New Urbanization Pilot and Demonstration Project for China is to improve use of public space and increase pedestrian mobility in selected districts of Chongqing’s Central city. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: (1) due to a pretty large noise produced during the construction process, reasonable noise isolation and reduction measures shall be taken during the project design to mitigate the impact of construction noise on the field construction workers; (2) each park and footpath system design shall be further optimized, try to balance excavation and filling, reduce work quantity of excavation and filling, reduce surface vegetation damage, and reduce new water and soil loss; (3) before the construction, the mellow soil of the topsoil layer in the area of the acquired land should be stripped, piled up at fixed points, and covered with waterproof membrane; (4) the construction method and time should be planned well to reduce the disturbance of the construction noise to the wild animals; (5) some existing roads within the project area will be used to transport construction materials, earth, and stone during project construction, and attention should be paid to the appropriate arrangement of the construction material transportation time; (6) sanitary sewage is strictly forbidden to be discharged directly into the natural water body; and (7) the management of construction machines should be strengthened to prevent moving, false use, dripping, and leaking of the machines.


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    Environmental and social management plan for Nan'an district component

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    water supply and sewage; Environmental and Social Performance; Soil and Water Conservation; Land Acquisition and Resettlement; environmental and social management; comprehensive environmental impact assessment; traffic management plan; construction phase; law and regulation; environmental monitoring; environmental protection measures; mitigation measure; environment protection; physical cultural resources; state forestry administration; environment protection management; comprehensive pollution control; environmental quality monitoring; regular waste collection; construction of building; construction and operation; soil conservation program; environment protection plan; inspection of construction; code of conduct; storm water management; environmental impact mitigation; land administration law; national forest; cultural management; implementation of mitigation; environmental protection systems; supervisory environment; local waste collection; water pollution control; sewage treatment plant; solid waste treatment; terrestrial wild animal; Construction Building; wastewater treatment system; environmental risk assessment; transportation of waste; environment impact assessment; construction site; project construction; environmental supervision; administrative measure; cultural relic; public engagement; environmental issue; public space; environment monitoring; garbage collection; rain water; scenic areas; residential building; road pavement; Safeguard Policies; safeguard policy; public consultation; local law; environmental performance; oily water; construction machine; construction management; noise monitoring; pipe network; fuel storage; asphalt pavement; monitoring plan; aquatic habitat; municipal sewage; clean fuel; special fund; plant species; natural habitat; ecological environment; ecological function; pedestrian walkway; forest park; surface water; environmental regulation; pollution level; project engineer; geographic location; urban districts; monitoring equipment; monitoring program; monitoring procedure; monitoring data; leisure facilities; industrial wastewater; forestry planning; management advice; construction area; remedial measure; ecological construction; field visits; corrective measure; road work; environmental measure; drainage facilities; management responsibility; environmental training; reduction measure; professional advice; garbage cans; development zone; communal facility; natural landscape; crushed stone; environmental mitigation; environmental personnel; environmental consultant; soil erosion; storage area; regulatory requirement; raw material; cleaning activities; construction method; corrective action; remedial action; vegetable oil; environment landscape; random sampling; pollution source; surface vegetation; environmental staff; regional planning; Environmental Assessment; forest region; land occupation; dry weather; direct discharge; involuntary resettlement; municipal facility; local resident; solid material; soil surface; unpaved road; construction activities; road condition; urban layout; rural resident; integrated development; rural area; quality improvement; road surfacing; atmospheric environment; historical building; historic area; international waterway; historical site; forest land; green channel; scientific outlook; soil loss; auxiliary facility; field investigation; physical work; sewage water; noise prevention; road section; residential area; traffic corridor; spawning habitat; environmental statistics; wild plant; mountain hiking; pipeline facilities; environmental requirement; auxiliary road; standard road; sewage pipe; conservation plan; Project Monitoring; required measure; supervisory process; public complaint; discharge standard; local management; construction stage; environment quality; construction supervision; waste discharge; natural environment; labor employment; construction camp; noxious substance; noise control; Environmental Policy; engineering analysis; monitoring agenc



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