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Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Investing in Inclusive Human Capital Development in Mozambique - P175298 (Inglês)


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    Cossa,Humberto Albino

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Africa East,

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    Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Investing in Inclusive Human Capital Development in Mozambique - P175298

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    Water And Sanitation for Health; community health and safety; community-driven development; access to basic service; health and safety risk; Fragility, Conflict, and Violence; access to health service; Environmental and Social Safeguard; Risks and Mitigation Measures; sustainable management; information and communication technology; Gender-Based Violence; third party service provider; health and safety regulation; risk of conflict; social protection sector; construction and operation; ground water contamination; use of pesticide; construction and rehabilitation; disposal of waste; solid waste generation; intangible cultural heritage; improved service delivery; conflict and violence; implementation of regulation; access to health-care; abuse of woman; improving service delivery; person with disability; local economic growth; security risk assessment; access to land; health and hygiene; healthy working conditions; traffic management measure; child with disability; social protection services; storm water runoff; human rights abuse; regulating ecosystem services; delivery of service; high poverty rate; resilience of communities; Marine Protected Area; loss of asset; Marine Protected Areas; supply of good; gender focal point; basic social service; risk of transmission; Social Risk Rating; destruction of property; water from river; discharge of wastewater; third party provider; emergency response plan; grievance redress mechanism; civil society institution; incidence of poverty; environmental management capacity; risk of exclusion; Sexually Transmitted Disease; use of resources; response to accident; consumption of energy; machinery and equipment; source of pollution; service delivery mechanism; Internally Displaced Person; agriculture and livestock; Host Communities; civil works; social infrastructure; project intervention; environmental risk; vulnerable group; raw material; vaccination campaign; chemical hazard; Sanitation Services; inert material; community workers; education service; Education Services; selection criterion; biomedical waste; Natural Resources; land acquisition; agricultural production; stakeholder engagement; water bodies; drainage channel; need assessment; sewage sludge; natural habitat; soil pollution; construction phase; construction activities; Social Welfare; provincial service; practical skill; construction work; safety plan; critical habitat; community participation; labor condition; wash facility; social screening; soil erosion; habitat conversion; contract worker; forced labor; referral system; child labor; Waste Management; road traffic; national legislation; financial intermediaries; pest resistance; positive impact; induced impacts; humanitarian effort; fair wages; social standpoint; Social Conflict; compulsory labor; biodiversity loss; school operation; waste water; social worker; international convention; social commitment; social implications; vulnerable people; school attendance; safe access; resilient communities; headed household; screening tool; productive capacity; identification process; stakeholder identification; local association; Armed Conflict; consultation process; conflict analysis; geographic location; focus group; project impact; Social Assessment; general assessment; social exclusion; labor influx; industrial activity; crisis recovery; protective equipment; labor legislation; safety legislation; social security; gap analysis; construction finance; project datum; high concentration; natural asset; Civil War; natural hazard; widespread poverty; porous borders; security situation; armed attack; awareness raising; illegal activities; community level; safety issue; health issue; malnutrition rates; humanitarian aid; community exposure; project construction; institutional measure; toilet facility; health specialist; social impact; geographical area; initial screening; project costing; sustainable harvest; natural disaster; resource flow; government body; community actors; child survival



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