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Summary of the United Nations economic commission for Europe report entitled "A survey of the economic situation and prospects of Europe" (Inglês)

The paper attempts to summarize the most important ideas and a few of the facts contained in the voluminous report prepared by the Research and Planning Division of the Economic Commission for Europe. Emphasis is laid in the report on the dominant features of Europe as a whole rather than on separate problems in individual countries. Overall estimates exclude almost always U.S.S.R., very often Yugoslavia and Rumania. However, 70 to 80% of pre-war industrial production, and up to 90% of agricultural production are accounted for. The report is divided in four main parts: the recovery in production; the recovery in trade; the balance of payments; and problems of European reconstruction. And two important Appendixes, namely: economic plan of European countries; and notes on sources and methods. In most cases figures and text refer to Europe as a whole and it is hardly even possible to distinguish accurately between C.E.E.C. countries and the others. If such a distinction could be made, many problems would probably appear in a different and often more favorable light.


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    Relatório Econômico ou Setorial Pré-2003

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    Summary of the United Nations economic commission for Europe report entitled "A survey of the economic situation and prospects of Europe"

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    raw material;production of investment good;decrease in coal consumption;industrial production;balance of payment;standard of living;gross national product;terms of trade;level of consumption;inflation;cessation of hostility;decline in agriculture;increase in population;cost of transport;long distance traffic;inland water transport;inland water traffic;production and export;propensity to save;foreign exchange shortage;effect of trade;proportion of woman;rate of investment;pattern of trade;lack of credit;value of output;boots and shoes;gas and electricity;large scale industry;foreign exchange market;effect of inflation;volume of trade;current account deficit;cost of import;trade in manufacture;increase in income;burden of adjustment;Steel;manufactured goods;agricultural production;heavy industry;trade deficit;total trade;crude steel;index number;production index;geographic distribution;hard currency;net export;import requirement;home production;merchandise trade;fuel shortage;government expenditure;bilateral agreement;increased export;coal production;deficit finance;world trade;considerable difference;finished product;gross output;industrial country;budgetary situation;real value;trade settlement;credit arrangement;light industry;generally well;production target;Capital Investments;internal effort;undeveloped areas;industrial expansion;agrarian countries;living standard;land reform;fodder crop;export expansion;installed capacity;public revenue;existing capacity;Electric Power;public finance;public expenditure;inflationary pressure;net investment;international financing;primary product;short period;trade statistic;trade agreement;draught animal;bilateral trade;payment agreement;soft currency;credit facilities;increased competition;import needs;retail price;cash holding;commodity composition;price control;free convertibility;human food;trade balance;trade account;building material;financial aid;price inflation;price system;real income;total stock;machine tool;mineral fertilizers;industrial crop;import price;capita figure;external resource;Population Change;surplus credit;export drive;working age;commodity import;absolute change;hidden unemployment;agricultural output;inflated price;grain production;currency area;double entry;capital account;transport railway;currency regime;competitive position;calorific value;overseas markets;trade restriction;constant price;good traffic;coarse grain;oil seed;capital payment;capital requirement;agricultural manpower;arable land;food export;Monetary Stability;capital expenditure;national output;industrial plant;trade relation;Industrial Goods;private capital;engineering industry;country expenditure;food supply;import volume;war damage;fuel wood;dollar gap;average values;steel production;sterling area;lignite production;weighted average;labor shortage;national income;production loss;export ratio;import restriction;increasing trade;industrialized country;Industrialized countries;home market;primary goods;individual currency;foreign trade;social function;internal inflation;accounts system;



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