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Substantiation Study on Territorial Technical Equipment : Cluj County Spatial Plan (Romeno)

At Cluj County level, the water and wastewater infrastructure has been analyzed from the perspective of the existing regional systems supplemented by local systems. The two main regional operators: Somes Water Company and Aries Water Company serve by their own systems an important number of inhabitants in Cluj County (538,512 inhabitants, Somes Water Company and 36,108 customers, Aries Water Company). To assess the existing situation, the technical parameters describing these systems, the number increase of the served population, the water volumes supplied to consumers within the TAU and the investments achieved and proposed for this territory equipping sector have been subjected to a synthetic analysis. On the short term, the works aimed at upgrading and developing the water and wastewater infrastructure in towns and cities only include the capital city of the county and are aimed at increasing the catchment and treatment flows, at upgrading and expanding the distribution networks as well as at upgrading the wastewater treatment plant. The implementation of these works owes to the various funding lines accessed by Somes Water Company. On the medium term, the works included towns such as Turda, Campia Turzii, Dej and Gherla and they referred to increasing the catchment-treatment flows, to increasing the storage capacity, to upgrading and extending the distribution network as well as to upgrading the water treatment facilities. Though they were launched as medium-term works, a large part of them were completed within the long-term period (the upgrade of Campia Turzii wastewater treatment plant). On the long term (2016-2025), works also include the upgrade and development of the water and wastewater infrastructure in the town of Huedin. Some of the proposed works have already been implemented, whereas others will be launched in the next period.




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