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Albania - Lake Skadar-Shkoder Integrated Ecosystem Management Project : Environmental impact assessment (Inglês)

The overall objective of the Albania Lake Shkoder Integrated Ecosystem Management Project is to assist the Governments of Albania and Montenegro in achieving more sustainable use of the natural resources of Lake Shkodra and its watershed. Some of the environmental impacts associated with the project are: vegetation clearance, including possible removal of trees and shrub; destruction of habitats for endemic plants and animals; elevated noise level and disturbance of nesting birds; potential problems with litter from tourists using the bicycle and hiking trails; providing easier access to prohibition zones of the lake; soil instability or changes in geologic substructure; Introduction and spread of noxious weeds; and fecal contamination of surrounding areas. Some of the mitigating measures include the following: making sure minimal vegetation damage is done when creating trails; construction should occur during non-peak visitor use or on weekdays when visitation is less, and also take into account the nesting seasons; reseeding with native grass mix for areas where soil is disturbed; and finally construction of latrines along the trails.


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