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Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Economic Linkages for Diversification - P171664 (Inglês)


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    Campos,Francisco Moraes Leitao

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Economic Linkages for Diversification - P171664

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    Occupational health and safety; community health and safety; Integrated Pest Management; Environmental and Social Impact; export-oriented sector; resettlement action plan; Resettlement action plans; access to basic service; access to safe water; project monitoring and evaluation; assessment of security risk; sustainable management; traffic and road safety; spatial development plan; warehousing and storage; waste management service; grievance redress mechanism; access to water; use of water; small scale infrastructure; code of conduct; risk of exclusion; civil works; Water and Land; public works program; loss of livelihood; loss of asset; assessment of risk; water supply system; access to finance; extreme climate events; natural gas industry; use of security; regional development agency; Water and Energy; energy and water; fossil energy use; information and awareness; safety of worker; action for protection; people with disability; generation of income; episodes of violence; disposal of pesticide; women-headed households; investment policy reform; extreme weather event; use of force; capacity building intervention; service and infrastructure; loss of wetland; scheme will; environmental risk; security measure; security personnel; contract worker; labor influx; ghg emissions; construction phase; administrative support; marginalized group; construction work; resettlement impacts; working condition; construction site; food supply; infrastructure work; labor use; affected communities; security forces; security assessment; land acquisition; rural community; soil erosion; Social Assessment; agricultural activity; spatial planning; economic empowerment; Natural Resources; child labor; sandy beaches; Proposed Investment; water bodies; financial intermediaries; Cultural Heritage; economic linkage; livelihoods activity; business environment; legal framework; supply chain; extractive investment; vulnerable group; gender discrimination; public nuisance; quality certification; security arrangement; physical characteristic; land zoning; coastal soil; transport service; local area; manual labor; Advisory services; technical expertise; informal settlement; sacred grove; coastal plain; large business; government institution; heavy rain; tropical depressions; tropical cyclone; raising income; implementing partner; transparent manner; construction equipment; water abstraction; borrower's commitment; Social Conflict; conflict situation; rehabilitation activities; land parcel; reconstruction work; small irrigation; water source; rural area; construction activities; raw material; public health; creating job; labor management; noise emission; business equipment; government security; waste generation; Traffic Safety; earth movement; applicable law; infrastructure upgrading; technological support; local content; extractive sector; sea level; environmental rules; subsistence agriculture; pollution risk; project intervention; other sectors; personal service; financial service; Real estate; community enterprises; risk assessment; continuous training; response procedure; emergency preparedness; community exposure; extreme poverty; livestock supply; economic slowdown; reduced poverty; critical habitat; safe storage; catering services; Infectious Disease; informal markets; construction services; farming technology; direct intervention; general assessment; train activity; natural habitat; local expert; competitive basis; administrative level; economic sector; legal provision; adequate capacity; education gap; existing business; complaints management; road map; ecosystem goods; new technology; protected area; participatory mechanism; in work; central regions; community intervention; labor condition; crisis situation; community level; community relation; community labor; responsible action; coal deposit; forced labor; land use; positive impact; involuntary resettlement



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