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Indonesia - Fertilizer Distribution Project (Inglês)

The project consists of investments to provide a new distribution system for the urea produced by PUSRI at plants in Palembang, Sumatra, together with other types of fertilizer which will be distributed by PUSRI totalling some 1.4 million tons per annum. Specific investments to be undertaken during the project include: acquisition of three self-unloading ships of about 7,000 dwt for bulk shipments; expansion or improvement of three and provision of two new bulk unloading port teminals; construction of 59 inland fertilizer storage and distribution depots; provision of 175 railway wagons, four main line and three shunting locomotives, the latter being owned and operated by PJKA, and 27 railway spurs to inland storage depots; construction and procurement of office space and vehicles, technical assistance to assist and train PUSRI personnel in overall scheduling and movement control, and a study for the establishment of a National Fertilizer Distribution System.


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    Indonesia - Fertilizer Distribution Project

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