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Georgia - Secondary Road Asset Management Project : Environmental Assessment (Vol. 17) : Environmental and Social Management Plan for Rehabilitation of Kutaisi-Tkibuli-Ambrolauri Road (Sh17) km 44 to km 46 (Inglês)

The objectives of the Secondary Road Asset Management Project for Georgia are: (i) to improve road users’ access to social services andmarkets on the project roads in a safe and sustainable manner, and (ii) to enhance road assetmanagement for the secondary roads network in Georgia. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: construction noise will be limited to restricted times agreed to in the permit; during operations the engine covers of generators, air compressors and other powered mechanical equipment shall be closed, and equipment placed as far away from residential areas as possible; Waste collection and disposal pathways and sites will be identified for all major waste types expected from excavation, demolition and construction activities; mineral construction and demolition wastes will be separated from general refuse, organic, liquid and chemical wastes by on-site sorting and stored in appropriate containers; there will be no unregulated extraction of groundwater, nor uncontrolled discharge of process waters, cement slurries, or any other contaminated waters into the ground or adjacent streams or rivers; contractor should obtain all necessary licenses and permits for water extraction and for further pouring out of used water in state current water system; there will be proper storm water drainage systems installed and care taken not to silt, pollute, block or otherwise negatively impact natural streams, rivers, ponds and lakes by construction activities; and the site will establish appropriate erosion and sediment control measures such as e.g. hay bales and / or silt fences to prevent sediment from moving off site and causing excessive turbidity in canalization and nearby streams and rivers.


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    Environmental and Social Management Plan for Rehabilitation of Kutaisi-Tkibuli-Ambrolauri Road (Sh17) km 44 to km 46

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    Environmental and Social Management Framework; Environmental and Social Management Plan; road section; local traffic police; mitigation measure; waste generation; health and safety code; construction site; water; acquisition of land; grievance redress mechanism; traffic and pedestrian; code of conduct; public consultation process; surface water body; disposal of waste; local population; mountain pass; access to land; storm water drainage; payment of compensation; discharge of wastewater; extraction of groundwater; land and water; dismissal of worker; loss of income; adequate sanitary conditions; disposal of household; pollution of soil; construction and operation; inspection of construction; amount of precipitation; construction activities; steep slope; project road; hilly terrain; private property; land take; toxic material; stabilization measure; historic building; warning signs; surface drainage; construction equipment; timber resource; other asset; national legislation; construction work; protected area; environmental decision; land property; national regulation; construction machinery; drainage system; construction waste; construction period; industrial facility; construction material; Ownership Share Type; national forest; Traffic Safety; safe passage; bus route; precautionary measure; dust emission; suspended particle; demolition debris; water economy; cash compensation; awareness activity; open burn; Waste Material; works contract; Disease Risk; noise management; air compressor; potential conflicts; local management; mechanical equipment; forested areas; traffic diversion; environmental health; grievance mechanism; monitoring plan; financial penalty; raise awareness; labor camp; septic tank; female workers; disposal site; work schedule; running water; worker safety; adequate supply; accessible site; semi-skilled worker; supply contract; worker camp; personal safety; international standard; bus stop; protective barrier; safe container; ancient times; vehicle servicing; livestock movement; water bodies; public complaint; asbestos material; rush hour; transport activity; security measure; toxic substance; land excavation; Waste Management; hazardous substance; emission equipment; toxic ingredients; ecosystem protection; access road; construction area; traffic disruption; appropriate authority; heavy traffic; public activity; polluted water; sediment control; maximum amount; waste collection; waste type; valuation methodology; enough space; chemical waste; construction company; truck load; residential area; manual labor; road work; natural environment; water extraction; safe access; accidental spill; noxious substance; historical building; fire emergency; transportation machinery; school hour; school child; local legislation; noise level; low intensity; involuntary resettlement; private land; material resource; labor provision; safeguard policy; Safeguard Policies; small area; ground water; environment population; pollutant concentration; landfill base; local self government; land area; water use; groundwater contamination; rain water; environment bank; accidental spillage; secondary road; water damage; drainage ditch; animal waste; supervision arrangements; roads rehabilitation; environment protection; air temperature; traffic level; construction contractor; red list; protective gear; web page; environmental safeguard; social distance; appropriate court; plant operation; safeguard screen; trigger action; domestic waste; traffic infrastructure; consultation meeting; liquid waste; local municipality



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