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Armenia - Judicial Reform Project (Inglês)

The Judicial Reform Project in Armenia, will assist in the development of an independent, accessible, and efficient judiciary, essential to governance, the rule of law, and an investment climate. The components will: 1) develop judiciary self governing bodies, namely, the Council of Court Chairmen, and its administrative office, and, establish a modern court administration system, through the design, and implementation of new case management models, including automation of courts. Improved legislative framework will be enhanced through advisory services, and study tours; 2) ensure the rehabilitation of court facilities, enhance security, and improve access to the courts. Construction, and rehabilitation of court buildings, include design, engineering, and supervision costs, as well as equipment, and furniture supply; 3) provide assistance to the Judicial Training Center, in coordination with other donors, in particular, the European Union. Training techniques, and curricula will be developed, and monitoring and evaluation processes will be designed through technical assistance provision; 4) improve enforcement of court decisions, aiming at strengthening the Enforcement Service capacity, the professional development of its staff, and, includes automation services; 5) develop a comprehensive strategy for information dissemination, and improve access to legal information by courts, through technical assistance, and the establishment of an electronic database; and, 6) develop public awareness, and education campaigns, through public relations strategies for the judiciary, and adequate training to journalists in legal issues. Judicial surveys will be conducted at preparation, to seek the current public awareness towards legal institutions in the country.


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    Armenia - Judicial Reform Project

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