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Resettlement Framework Caribbean Digital Transformation Project (P171528) (Inglês)


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    Gonzalez De Asis,Maria

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    Environmental and Social Management Framework

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    América Latina e Caribe,

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    Resettlement Framework Caribbean Digital Transformation Project (P171528)

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    land acquisition; Caribbean Regional Communications Infrastructure Program; Land Acquisition and Resettlement; market value of land; female-headed household; alternative dispute resolution mechanism; access to cultural property; project monitoring and evaluation; Environmental and Social Safeguard; external monitoring and evaluation; regional disaster vulnerability reduction; Water Resource Management; Occupational health and safety; acquisition of land; property owner; Code of Ethics; standard of living; replacement cost; resettlement action plan; loss of income; compensation for loss; water storage tank; resettlement activities; displaced person; valuation standard; cost of land; amount of income; international financial institution; loss of property; payment of compensation; land acquisition procedures; ownership of land; transfer of fund; receipt of payment; list of property; use of land; security of tenure; physical planning; grievance redress mechanism; method of valuation; places of worship; acquisition of property; loss of asset; loss of land; valuation of asset; adverse social impact; negotiations with landowner; rights to land; public information campaign; law and regulation; resettlement planning process; soil analysis; process of acquisition; valuation of land; sources of fund; inventory of asset; place of origin; Gender-Based Violence; flow of fund; social support system; public information dissemination; Indigenous People Plan; fiber optic cable; use of forest; provision of service; dispute settlement mechanism; evaluation of resettlement; performance monitoring indicator; loss of livelihood; access to asset; radio and television; payment for compensation; resettlement and rehabilitation; loss of crop; source of income; forms of compensation; possession of land; creation of technology; degree of certainty; source of funding; flow of funding; informal economic activity; source income; procedure for payment; evidence of ownership; scale and scope; loss of revenue; resettlement assistance; civil works; involuntary resettlement; land use; national legislation; open market; private owner; market approach; legal framework; resettlement sites; responsible ministry; living standard; data center; legal right; valuation method; eligibility criterion; valuation methodology; productive potential; working day; project operation; private benefit; Host Communities; Natural Resources; personal identification; affected communities; income stream; transaction cost; legal claim; moving expense; acquisition cost; asset replacement; productive asset; affected persons; banking information; public use; displaced people; agreed price; technical expert; income support; livelihoods activity; professional institute; transfer tax; private landowner; payment amount; agricultural land; environmental influence; production cost; natural hazard; asset valuation; best practice; mandatory rule; vulnerable population; special arrangement; financial statement; income loss; national institute; mitigation measure; Displaced Population; business asset; Resettlement projects; participating country; derived value; socioeconomic survey; street vendor; national legislature; budgetary allocation; transition period; internal monitoring; Land tenure; local contractor; reasonable time; Public Services; administrative responsibility; coastal development; project intervention; baseline survey; adversely impact; coastal protection; financial arrangement; vulnerable group; digital economy; eminent domain; resettlement implementation; compensation amount; local court; land compensation; gender issue; grievance procedure; screening tool; property valuation; public purchase; public good; other asset; informant interviews; acceptable resolution; private interest; production level; resource users; organizational arrangement; grievance mechanism; adequate compensation; public consultation; law applicable; global climate; prompt payment; income source; baseline data



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