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Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Malawi Watershed Services Improvement Project - P167860 (Inglês)


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    Stakeholder Engagement Plan

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    Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Malawi Watershed Services Improvement Project - P167860

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    quality of life of woman; use of child labor; community level; Performance-Based Grant; Gender-Based Violence; promotion of gender equality; natural resource management committees; food and agriculture organisation; Monitoring and Evaluation Unit; occupational safety and health; social risk management instrument; Soil and Water Conservation; grievance redress mechanism; gender based violence; first aid kit; protection of woman; e-mail address; catchment management activities; national water resource; farmer market; renewable natural resource; personal protective equipment; climate smart agriculture; development of water; sustainable forest management; ministries of finance; community development assistant; Energy and Mining; amount of fund; local government budget; quality of infrastructure; piece of legislation; access to information; high yield boreholes; access to water; millennium challenge; Water Resource Management; security of tenure; renewable energy system; community level meetings; social marketing campaign; energy and water; time and resource; community radio station; carbon sequestration capacity; climate change vulnerability; deteriorating water quality; court of law; vulnerability to drought; loss of forest; disbursement of fund; unsafe sexual practice; stakeholder engagement; traditional leaders; project intervention; extension worker; negative externality; mitigation measure; Child Labour; management intervention; resettlement plan; land degradation; matching grant; separate account; phone number; Natural Resources; agricultural productivity; focus group; surrounding community; Exit Strategy; landscape restoration; raise awareness; abatement measure; sustainable landscape; climate information; fair treatment; affected persons; vulnerable group; competitive grant; degraded lands; social standard; watershed management; initial capital; water source; consultation process; construction site; stakeholder identification; energy security; land resource; land resources; construction work; restoration activities; target beneficiary; household income; ground water; community meetings; Agricultural Extension; eligible beneficiary; voting right; catchment area; social work; interest group; social support; financial information; irrigation activities; utility company; interpersonal communication; community structure; community support; traditional community; national resource; political community; active participant; participation activities; traditional authority; Landscape Management; watershed landscape; project plan; extension service; subsistence farming; district officials; livelihood group; decentralized government; public meeting; information briefs; radio programme; plantation forestry; open meeting; field visits; full participation; positive impact; government responsibility; stakeholder workshop; conservation officer; stakeholder discussions; sexual relationship; client representative mar; gender policy; gender representation; management responsibility; first stage; voting power; budget requirement; grievance procedure; low wage; private land; corruption case; chronically ill; regulatory mandate; social issue; meteorological service; financial resource; market infrastructure; regulatory oversight; Water Management; resources management; corrective measure; individual household; literacy level; resource limit; equal participation; project engineer; women participation; community social; monitoring process; civil court; landscape approach; land demarcation; engineering design; farmer behavior; climate-smart agriculture; Advisory services; financing mechanism; management infrastructure; information requirement; landscape degradation; effective strategy; inadequate fund; Land tenure; population pressure; value addition; clean water; market center; rural feeder; irrigation service; smallholder farmer; dam operator; scale irrigation; improved water; destructive impact; insurance companies; rainwater harvesting



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