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China - Guangxi Highway Project : resettlement action plan (Vol. 2) : Ethnic minority people ' s development plan (Inglês)

This resettlement action plan (RAP) is a development action plan for all the project-affected persons (PAPs), the majority of whom are from minority ethnic groups. The RAP has designed a strategy for resettlement and livelihood rehabilitation, which will be implemented through compensation payment s for lost assets, redistribution of collectively owned land, provision of replacement land for housing construction, and livelihood development activities. The RAP strategy was designed in consultation with local governments and the affected minorities. Particular care was given to those ethnic villagers considered severely affected by losing more than 25 percent of their farm land. That is, further rehabilitation measures were developed for them. Some of the special activities designed for affected ethnic groups include: convening meetings and issuing and distributing information in ethnic languages; designing relocation programs in groups or close to households containing relatives so as to maintain kinship ties and social cohesion; and including Zhuang members (the largest minority) in the monitoring team of the agency overseeing the project.


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    China Xi'an Highway University

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    Plano de reassentamento

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    Ethnic minority people ' s development plan

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