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Gender in Russia : a review of literature (Inglês)

This study examines the gender profile of the Russian Federation through a comprehensive review of the current literature (1248 publications on gender issues throughout the transition decade) on the conditions of women and men and on the gender disparities in a number of indicators. The report pinpoints the areas in which inequalities exist and attempts to estimate the consequences. It focuses on the analysis of the distribution of gender roles in the socio-economic sphere, the gender differentiation of human development indicators, the gender aspect of legislation and law enforcement practice, and gender aspects of political representation.


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    Federação Russa,

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    Europa e Ásia Central,

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    Gender in Russia : a review of literature

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    form of discrimination against woman;information storage and retrieval system;principle of gender equality;gender composition;equal access of girl;method of birth control;equal access for man;health status of women;life expectancy of woman;social and economic development;educational attainment of woman;higher level of education;life expectancy at birth;focus gender equality;feminization of poverty;Access to Education;poverty and gender;human development indicator;ratio of male;position of women;female life expectancy;women in politics;principle of equality;gender sensitive policy;lack of consistency;equality between spouse;wages and salary;status of woman;equality of right;place of residence;gender issue;process of democratization;protection against unemployment;lack of woman;national health care;exclusion of woman;achieving gender equality;female unemployment rate;eliminating gender discrimination;discrimination in education;social protection policy;disposition of property;elimination of discrimination;position in society;power of woman;rate of mortality;health care centers;public health expenditure;labour market participation;promoting gender equality;gender focal point;prior written permission;maternal mortality rate;advancement of woman;prevention of gender;international legal standard;number of scholars;measurement of poverty;lack of participation;enjoyment of right;real estate property;human rights protection;issue of gender;balance of interest;participation of female;social democratic party;opportunity for woman;women with child;form of poverty;international labour standard;compensation for damage;traditional gender roles;abuse of alcohol;analysis of gender;population at large;civil society representatives;infant mortality rate;equal right;gender asymmetry;marriage contract;legislative act;gender neutral;gender inequalities;Gender Inequality;legal regulation;international treaty;political party;working woman;political parties;gender aspect;gender perspective;labour legislation;pregnant woman;family legislation;mass media;gender stereotype;medical service;health issue;active participation;Equal Opportunity;equal pay;rural area;labour relation;civil relation;household labor;administrative mechanisms;married woman;gender research;statistical information;enrollment rate;gender disparity;survey data;gender statistic;electoral system;retirement benefit;party leadership;reproductive behavior;political process;entrepreneurial activity;Gender Gap;joint ownership;reproductive function;electoral campaigns;wage differential;women's health;health protection;unequal access;Higher Education;marital status;gender specific;equal possibility;gender difference;occupational segregation;legal system;age cohort;female labor;legal protection;gender policy;public policy;gender differentiation;human potential;general population;social status;professional skill;continuous education;social barrier;cultural right;sanitary condition;external cause;Psychological Health;female population;abortion rate;Child Health;sanitary standard;religious ground;family status;child support;radical reform;public expenditure;educational program;urban woman;optional protocol;Reproductive Health;privatization law;low-income family;public fund;federal program;potential threat;family right;large population;national legislation;bank deposit;forced migrant;healthcare services;contractual relation;private property;production facility;consumer service;government service;large enterprise;lending institution;municipal enterprise;representative sample;commercial organisation;law make;unequal opportunity;credit institution;maternity protection;equal participation;basic freedoms;underground work;labour inspection;contractual relationship;commercial enterprise;electoral list;executive bodies;financial guarantee;international legislation;adjective law;equality principle;social defense;employee right;market economy;civil rights;equal protection;social consequence;legal procedure



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