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China - Hunan Integrated Management of Contaminated Agricultural Land Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 5) : Executive Summary (Inglês)

The objectives of Hunan Integrated Management of Contaminated Agricultural Land Project for China is to improve environmental management of agricultural land contaminated with heavy metals and other pollutants for safe agricultural production in selected counties in Hunan. Some of the negative impacts are includes : (i) The impacts include air-borne dust, nuisance odor and tail gas, construction wastewater and solid waste including the dredged sediments, noise and destroy of artificial vegetarian cover; Some of the mitigation measures are includes : (i) no-horn sign shall be set up in sensitive spots and measures shall be adopted to reduce noise, such as using low-noise equipment, control noise source, transmission and traffic noise; (ii) earth excavated should be used for grad filling in other contracts of the project; (iii) construction works should be divided into several sections to reduce dust. Water spray should be applied on the site; (iv) construction works should be divided into several sections to reduce dust. Water spray should be applied on the site; (v) rehabilitation or construction of irrigation ditches should be scheduled to avoid the irrigation season, and temporary pass-by ditches should be provided as necessary; (vi) settling tanks should be set up at construction sites to treat the construction wastewater for reuse on site; (vii) construction management should be enhanced to avoid the leakage of fuel from equipment; the drainage system should be established in the spoil stockpile area; (viii) contractor works should be trained on the environmental protection; (ix) domestic solid waste on construction site should be collected and transported out of the site to local landfill facility for landfill; (x) environmental awareness of farmers should be enhanced by launching comprehensive awareness outreach plans; (xi) institutional capacity for supervision and implementation of the project should be enhanced;


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    air pollution control; environmental and social management; Land Acquisition and Resettlement; Environmental and Social Impact; Quality of Irrigation Water; Environmental and Social Performance; heavy metal pollution; mitigation measure; grievance redress mechanism; agricultural product; law and regulation; irrigation channel; water storage tank; heavy metal concentration; drinking water source; analysis of alternatives; soil quality; regional water resource; availability of fund; amount of land; improvement of income; local government department; public health concern; domestic solid waste; agricultural land; abundant water resource; construction and operation; application of pesticide; pest control method; ethnic minority community; ethnic minority groups; control of pollution; agricultural land management; capacity building training; impact of water; heavy metal contamination; irrigation water quality; concentration of pollutant; environmental protection measures; Maintenance of Irrigation; public health protection; public health risk; due diligence assessment; laws and regulation; irrigation water supply; capacity of farmer; agricultural land use; forest land; public consultation; organic fertilizer; civil works; pollution source; construction site; dam safety; risk assessment; sedimentation tanks; food safety; Safeguard Policies; local farmer; safeguard policy; Social Assessment; sanitary landfill; soil contamination; agricultural activity; township government; construction activities; land leveling; monitoring plan; protected area; contaminated site; agricultural infrastructure; industrial enterprise; soil pollution; poverty group; packaging material; arbitration decision; environmental requirement; construction wastewater; access road; legal framework; Environmental Assessment; compensation mechanism; septic tank; soil ph; surface vegetation; construction period; bulletin board; Technical Training; environment monitoring; public concern; mining industry; village committee; chemical fertilizer; toxic substance; arable land; income loss; personal protection; industrial pollution; flood irrigation; environmental performance; Dry land; local population; farming practice; management risk; existing reservoirs; public awareness; public complaint; accountability mechanism; extensive consultation; farmer cooperative; primary concern; agricultural material; retention time; agricultural cooperative; industrial source; civil court; field investigation; public meeting; field interviews; administrative organ; community committee; landfill site; pollution mitigation; social stability; poverty alleviation; affected communities; neighborhood committee; agriculture input; pollution issues; consultation process; disposal system; ecological impact; long-term monitoring; organic material; soil erosion; dredged material; manganese oxide; cash crop; natural restoration; ferrous sulfate; clay mineral; environmental issue; garbage collection; mining operation; counterpart funding; external monitoring; rice field; environmental concern; environmental compliance; regular monitoring; disposal method; household income; pollution monitoring; drainage channel; interception ditches; vulnerable group; monitor performance; cement mix; construction machine; social monitoring; irrigation canal; pump station; specific issue; sanitation facility; soil excavation; construction method; dust suppression; construction equipment; transportation Vehicles; environmental supervision; radioactive substance; land survey; public welfare; Indigenous Peoples; applicable law; competent authority; environmental monitoring; knowledge distribution; integrated risk; electromagnetic radiation; irrigation pump; land compensation; irrigation management; agriculture production; medical waste; green product; waste water; brand promotion; professional institution; management tool; risk map; poor farming; agricultural production; vegetable farm; wood land; vegetable land



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