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Colombia - National Macroproyectos Social Interest Program Project : Colombia - Proyecto de Programa de Interes Social de Macroproyectos Nacionales (Espanhol)

The objective of the National Macroproyectos Social Interest Program Project for Colombia is to enable access to affordable housing solutions for low-income beneficiaries. There are three components to the project, the first component being low-income land and housing development. The component will finance two sub-components: technical studies and fiduciary management for Macroproyectos; and grants for low income land and housing development. The second component is the technical assistance program. The component will finance the provision of technical assistance related to low income land and housing solutions, which includes, inter alia, a real estate development business model, land management framework, land market and infrastructure assessments, feasibility studies for capital market access and feasibility studies for models for public housing interventions. The component will also finance targeted technical assistance and studies in key areas of housing and urban development policy. Finally, the third component is the project management.


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    Colombia - Proyecto de Programa de Interes Social de Macroproyectos Nacionales

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