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Pakistan - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Human Capital Investment Project : Environmental Assessment : Environmental and Social Management Framework (Inglês)

The development objective of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Human Capital Investment Project for Pakistan is to improve availability, utilization, and quality of primary healthcare services and elementary education services in selected districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: (1) construction sites to be water-sprayed on regular basis three times a day, as most sites are expected to be close to residential areas or inside the facility (hospitals, schools etc.); (2) latrine construction sites including soil piles in educational and primary health care facilities should be fenced to avoid material escape, generation of dust and access to children; (3) effluents from the construction sites shall not be released to drinking water sources, cultivation fields, irrigation channels, and critical habitats. Appropriate effluent treatment arrangements such as settling tanks will be made at the site for collecting construction wastewater and settled, and then be used for site sprinkling and other purposes to reduce fugitive dust; (4) the use of high noise generating equipment such as a percussion piling machine or pneumatic hammer shall be prohibited; (5) disposal of solid waste will be carried out in a manner that does not negatively affect the drinking water sources, cultivation fields, irrigation channels, natural drainage paths, and the existing waste management system in the area, local routes, and general aesthetic value of the area; (6) proper drainage outlets shall be installed connected to main sewer system or local drainage (to avoid standing water inside and outside the facility); (7) useful personal protective equipment (PPE) will be given to workers such as clothing, gloves, vests, hard-hats, masks etc.; (8) contractor shall ensure train drivers operating heavy vehicles on road for pedestrian safety. Set appropriate speed limits to avoid accidents; and (9) teachers training and sensitization will be ensured for awareness raising regarding protection of children and women during construction activities.


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    Environmental and Social Management Framework

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    Environmental and Social Impact; mother and child health; Resettlement action plans; Land Acquisition and Resettlement; grievance redress mechanism; gender based violence; Environmental and Social Safeguard; mitigation measure; quality primary; impact of climate change; national environmental; national disaster management; source of drinking water; Occupational health and safety; health care service delivery; small scale land acquisition; monitoring and evaluation mechanism; health and safety risk; large numbers of refugees; adverse impacts of resettlement; legal and regulatory framework; construction and operation; Host Communities; education and health; Climate Change Policy; air quality index; negative environmental impact; health care facility; stakeholder consultation; water quality impact; valuation of asset; rehabilitation of education; board of revenue; Solid Waste Management; Access to Education; income generation activities; safe drinking water; generation of waste; Health Care Waste; person with disability; public private partnership; availability of fund; service delivery system; number of refugees; surface water body; primary health care; sanitation and hygiene; violence against woman; sustainable development goals; drinking water policy; surface water availability; minimum health services; millennium development goal; private game reserve; global image; social and environmental; public-private partnership; awareness and communication; sections of society; order of preference; ambient air quality; acquisition of land; compensation for land; national action plan; use of land; spread of infection; land acquisition act; compensation for loss; hospital waste; civil works; Education Services; protected area; health care facilities; biological environment; construction site; land asset; refugee population; construction activities; community engagement; legal right; external monitoring; social condition; physical environment; provincial law; resettlement assistance; health facility; socioeconomic impact; construction phase; water stress; natural hazard



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