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Sri Lanka - Second North East Irrigated Agriculture Project : social assessment (Inglês)

Deteriorating social, and economic infrastructure, mainly in the Northern and Eastern provinces, are the result of the war, as well as missed opportunities for the country, and the affected people. The Second North East Irrigated Agriculture Project compiled District Social Baseline Profiles as a requirement for project Appraisal at the beginning of the project, and, these profiles reflect the situation that existed in 1999-2001, and the impact of conflict on people, and social and economic infrastructure. The war displaced a large number of people, and enforced an involuntary displacement, leaving behind assets, including lands, and other private property, and, while a large number of families remain internally displaced (IDPs) within the country, some unconfirmed number of families have left the country. Irrigated agriculture used to be the backbone of the economy in the North-East, and, livelihoods depended on agricultural farming, livestock rearing and deep sea fishing, a deteriorated situation, coupled by weakened administrative systems, and agricultural land without sufficient resources to maintain cultivation. This social assessment covers direct economic and social impacts, given the extent of land encroachment is at present fairly limited, mostly due to disputes on involuntary administrative reassignment, or disenfranchisement. It looks at the ethnic composition, welfare centers and female headed households, housing facilities, and areas under "paddy" cultivation, to form the basis for this social assessment. Particular attention will be paid to the needs of vulnerable groups among those displaced, especially those groups below the poverty line, the landless, elderly, women and children, indigenous peoples, and ethnic minorities, who may not be protected by the national land compensation legislation, through measures to improve, or at least restore, their livelihoods. The report also provides the process framework for resettlement, implementation, and monitoring, as well as an outline on the Indigenous Peoples Plan.




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