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Labor Management Procedures Afghanistan Water Supply and Sanitation Services and Institutional Support Program (P169970) (Inglês)


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    Kiss,Agnes I.

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    Procedure and Checklist

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    Sul da Ásia,

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    Labor Management Procedures Afghanistan Water Supply and Sanitation Services and Institutional Support Program (P169970)

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    Environmental and Social Management Framework; Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building; right to freedom of association; Environmental Health and Safety Guidelines; Occupational health and safety; personal protective equipment; Environmental and Social Safeguard; community health and safety; health and safety issue; cubic meters per day; quality of water supply; water supply and sewerage; disaster prevention and preparedness; public health and hygiene; paid educational leave; number of workers; gender based violence; labor management; contract worker; bulk water transmission; water treatment plant; discrimination in recruitment; water supply system; age of employment; finance infrastructure; contractors and construction; enforcement of law; water storage facility; first aid kit; domestic water supply; sustainable service delivery; union of workers; provision of water; provision water; million people; lack of awareness; daily wage work; state of emergency; right to compensation; security at work; safe drinking water; national labor legislation; freedom of movement; decent working condition; safe working environment; water supply facilities; water supply company; finance activity; law and regulation; mother and child; personal protective clothing; water use efficiency; social security law; discrimination in employment; grievance redress mechanism; labor market outcome; code of conduct; detailed engineering design; human resource development; termination of employment; clean drinking water; forced labor; minimum age; community workers; labor camp; construction company; hazardous work; emergency response; safety training; skill development; Labor Law; warning device; migrant worker; youth worker; labor influx; fire extinguisher; sexual harassment; consultancy service; labor association; international standard; labor representative; community representative; project engineer; file complaints; construction site; safety measure; legal right; construction work; Equal Opportunity; village elder; warning signs; surface water; safety rule; overtime work; mitigation measure; bonded labor; legal provision; employment relationship; international convention; climate resilience; child labor; awareness raising; national identity; legal foundation; employment age; potential bidder; equal pay; performance requirement; monthly wage; local employees; legal consequence; labor right; regular monitoring; disability insurance; policy statement; physical punishment; unpayable debt; emergency regulation; emergency preparedness; general obligation; security threat; medical center; legislation environment; male worker; productive employment; working age; dust mask; hazardous site; terrorist attack; hazardous condition; political opinion; social group; market rate; prison labor; medical treatment; international treaty; disabled person; construction camp; transparent implementation; Social Conflict; pending issues; necessary training; job requirement; contract labor; safety equipment; cultural sensitivities; skilled labor; adequate facility; potable water; clean water; basic hygiene; social clause; medical clearance; water law; project duration; special provision; medical examination; retirement benefit; catering establishment; compulsory work; natural disaster; working time; internal rule; community level; security risk; pension contribution; distribution infrastructure; management cost; employment categories; grievance procedure; government commission; disciplinary procedure; military force; disciplinary action; efficiency improvement; water system; grievance mechanism; piped water; household connection; national utility; marginal benefit; investment planning; legal requirement; prevailing wage; internal communication; pipe network; probation period; metropolitan area; transport problem; water infrastructure; Water Network; Water Services; private well; unconfined aquifer; sewerage system; groundwater depletion; Water Shortage; construction phas



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