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Brazil - Sao Paulo Transport, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management Project : resettlement plan : Avaliacao de impacto social e ambiental (Português)

The Project Development Objective of the Brazil - Sao Paulo Transport, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management Project is to foster enhanced efficiency in transport through improvement of key segments of the State’s road and waterway transport network, while increasing resilience to climate risk through strengthening environmental and disaster risk management systems. Involuntary resettlement should always be avoided or minimized by exploring all viable alternatives and adopting measures grounded in sustainable development programs, with features that meet the needs of displaced persons and ensure their participation in the benefits provided by the project. Displaced persons should have participation in planning and implementation of the resettlement program, being consulted, heard and answered their demands, guaranteeing assistance to improve their living conditions, preferably or restoration of their preconditions to the project. There were two isolated instances of persons living in a house near the project. Any minor inconveniences due to moving buildings are outweighed by the benefits of having the new roads.


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    Avaliacao de impacto social e ambiental

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