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Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - CAR Health Service Delivery System Strengthening Project (SENI-plus) - P177003 (Inglês)


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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    República Centro-Africana,

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    Africa West,

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    Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - CAR Health Service Delivery System Strengthening Project (SENI-plus) - P177003

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    Environmental and Social Management Plan; Environmental and Social Review Summary; Environmental and Social Management System; Human Resources for Health; community health and safety; Occupational health and safety; health and safety risk; minimum age for employment; national health information system; health and safety requirement; Environmental and Social Performance; female head of household; sustainable management; code of conduct; community health worker; risk of transmission; Health System Strengthening; Social Risk Rating; construction of infrastructure; Health Service Delivery; essential health services; principle of equality; traffic management measure; areas of health; participation in health; machinery and equipment; destruction of vegetation; safety and health; behavior change activities; disease surveillance system; maternal and child; safety of worker; improvement of health; target beneficiary; risk of exclusion; security risk assessment; protection of biodiversity; households with child; provision of service; Health and Population; term of protection; health and nutrition; impacts on biodiversity; healthy working conditions; remote rural area; risk of infection; risk and vulnerability; Type of Investment; cultural heritage site; health facility; biomedical waste; Natural Resources; vulnerable group; civil works; mitigation measure; grievance mechanism; customary use; poor household; stakeholder engagement; Indigenous Peoples; young girl; hazardous work; labor issue; noise pollution; community workers; environmental risk; hazard assessment; healthcare services; Labor Law; free health; social impact; supply chain; armed groups; press release; labor influx; awareness raising; health specialist; culturally sensitive; soil pollution; construction waste; work force; safety problem; general assessment; vulnerable people; strategic approach; vulnerable individual; Safeguards Unit; restoration plan; downstream activity; train activity; delivery rooms; downstream activities; construction impact; essential services; Equal Opportunity; forced labor; targeted training; transparent process; interested stakeholders; implementing partner; ethical treatment; The Disabled; young people; female workers; Construction Firms; social tension; enabling environment; unskilled laborer; safety plan; security assessment; community consultation; full participation; primary healthcare; social distance; awareness campaign; information campaign; internal regulation; aids transmission; affected communities; employment relationship; consultation method; address system; nutrition service; remote area; indigenous communities; indigenous community; outreach program; social standard; result indicator; health districts; delivery model; physical characteristic; indigenous population; screening tool; repeat conflict; political instability; involuntary resettlement; recent years; political turmoil; increased insecurity; project datum; project effectiveness; borrower's commitment; financial intermediaries; project costing; cultural property; construction activities; protective measure; community level; child labor; work contracts; health finance; soil excavation; Health Workers; ethnic group; safeguard policy; regular training; labor dispute; local management; specific issue; medicinal products; medical product; chemical product; construction company; ecosystem service; Safeguard Policies; indirect impact; assessment process; local branch; ghg emissions; community empowerment; Waste Management; downstream works; asbestos material; security management; equal access; land use; security measure; human rights; Gender Equality; adequate security; legal framework; security situation; women beneficiary; safe storage; environmental specialist; construction site; construction work



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