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China - Jiangxi Agricultural Development Project (Inglês)

The Jiangxi Agricultural Development Project will assist the Jiangxi Provincial Government to accelerate and diiversify agricultural development. It will improve the productivity and incomes of participating farmers and strengthen supporting services at the provincial, prefectural, municipal, and county levels, thereby moving farm operations from a subsistence level to commercial orientation. It will also utilize lands which are unproductive or unsuitable for grains and other crops. The project will support a livestock development program featuring pigs and poultry on hilly lands unsuitable for grain cultivation, develop and intensify fresh water fish culture in low-lying areas and in lakes and ponds. The project will also rehabilitate low-yielding tea plantations and establish new commercial forest plantations. Agroprocessing facilities will be established to increase the value added of project output, to provide feed for project livestock, and to demonstrate the organization, management, and financing of such facilities.


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    China - Jiangxi Agricultural Development Project

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