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India - Andhra Pradesh State Highways Project : environmental analysis (Vol. 2) (Inglês)

This is an Environmental Assessment of the Andhra Pradesh State Highways Project, a project to improve the performance of the state's road transport network. Plans to mitigate adverse environmental impacts include the following: (1) Borrow pits will be restored by grading to ensure drainage and visual uniformity or to create permanent tanks/dams, and topsoil replaced and the area revegetated; (2) Tree removal must be preapproved and only where they obstruct the work specified; removed trees will be recorded and a fund generated to replace them; (3) Berms and bather slopes of road embankments will be seeded with a fast growing crop and perennial native seed mix immediately after fill placement; (4) Construction camps, temporary works, and storage areas will be established, maintained, and disassembled in a way minimizing threats to air and water quality; (5) Diversions and temporary roads will be maintained to keep dust and noise nuisance to a minimum; (6) Camps and depots will be located so as to minimize disturbance to residential areas and to avoid siltation or pollution of natural watercourses, and alternate public use for them post-construction is an option; (7) Oil and fuel leaks will be prevented and water used to clean appropriately treated equipment before discharge to the environment; (8) To control dust, activity will cease until favorable conditions resume or site is watered, and to reduce noise nuisance, work hours will be regulated; (9) To prevent sediment transfer or turbidity, cross-drainage structures and sediment traps will be installed and maintained, stabilizing road embankments. Also, bridges corresponding to those on adjacent railway lines will be built to avoid impeding animal movement corridors, and labor camps built to quarry stone and collect stone in the nearby reserve and sanctuary will be strictly prohibited. To mitigate impacts on wildlife on roads, the speed limit will be set and enforced by speed breakers, culvert size will be increased to allow animal passage, and the resulting increase in traffic speed and noise lessening habitat quality will be offset by improving habitat in adjoining areas. Populations affected by involuntary resettlement will be compensated according to World Bank policy. This policy is detailed in the section appended and entitled, "Policy for Resettlement and Rehabilitation of Displaced and Affected Persons ...." A supplemental report on environmental aspects detailing the road engineering plan is also affixed.




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